The budget tells the JCE that Congress has only approved 630 million RD for the parties

The budget tells the JCE that Congress has only approved 630 million RD for the parties

The Public Budget Office (Digepep) clarified on Monday, through an official letter sent to the plenary session of the Central Electoral Council (JCE), that funds provided by the state for distribution to political parties have been approved at the National Congress and that “they do not have legal or material capacity To change it.

The letter was sent in response to a request sent by the Electoral College to demand the release of all funds provided by the state for distribution to political parties, not just half of what is specified in the national budget.

The letter, signed by Jose Rego Prespot, Director of Digepep, confirmed that the amount designated as a “special transfer of funds for political parties” had been set and duly approved by the legislature, in a total amount of NT $ 630,200,000.

We welcome your action (from the JCE), and at the same time sympathize with your request for admission and limit ourselves to permanent and permanent submission to the principle of legality that governs the administration … There is no doubt that Law 33-18 regarding political parties, groups and movements, nor 15-19 regarding The electoral system, explicitly specifies the exact amount of resources allocated to this end, ”read part of the document.

The president of the European Commission for Education, Roman Jacques Laranzo, said that this application is submitted in accordance with Law No. 237-20 approving the state budget for 2021.

For this year 2021, the executive authority initially ordered the allocation of 1,260 million pesos to be distributed to political parties. However, according to the state budget, only NT $ 630,200,000 will be allocated to political organizations, while the other half appears under the category of “not applicable”.

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We request that the release intended to comply with the provisions of Article 61 of Law 33-18, regarding political parties, groups and movements in relation to the economic contribution of political organizations, be made in the amount of (1,260,400.00 Taiwan dollars) and not half the amount mentioned above, and this is a commitment to the principle Legitimacy, ”establishes a message that was also signed by other members of the plenary session.

Most of the parties expressed that the legislature did not agree to this change, and it was never agreed upon.

Last October, President Luis Abinader announced that he would propose to the National Congress a 50% reduction in the quota received by political parties, since 2021 was not electoral, and therefore he would use those resources to build an extension of the UASD in the municipality of Santo Domingo Este.

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