Pentosy asks Pentagon to recall Trump’s nuclear weapons codes

Pentosy asks Pentagon to recall Trump’s nuclear weapons codes

Nancy Pelosi, chair of the U.S. House of Representatives, announced this Friday that she had spoken with military commanders to prevent President Donald Trump from taking any more militant measures, including the use of nuclear weapons. His order.

“This morning I spoke with Coalition President Mark Millie to discuss possible precautions for an unstable president to start a military war or to access a code of conduct and a series of nuclear strikes.” Pelosi, de-California, explained in a memo.

“The situation of this turbulent president cannot be even more dangerous,” said the Speaker of the House of Commons, adding that “everything possible must be done to protect Americans from this unwise attack on our country and our democracy.”

On Wednesday, provoked by allegations of election fraud by President Trump, thousands of people marched towards the Capitol, clashed with police and occupied the building in a plot to prevent Congress from securing votes in the Electoral College. This gave victory to Democrat Joe Biden.

The system set up in the United States to determine a nuclear attack is more complicated than a “nuclear button” and requires the president to convince military commanders that he is in fact the president, and he has ordered action.

The “nuclear symbols” mentioned in movies and novels do not allow the launch of missiles, but rather authorize the president to order the use of nuclear weapons.

Former Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker, who chaired the Upper House Foreign Affairs Committee between 2007 and 2019, said in an interview with MSNBC today that the founding organization for the use of nuclear weapons needs the participation of public officials. And military officers with adequate protocols to prevent the uncontrolled action of the irregular president.

While pressure is mounting in Congress to launch a second indictment against Trump, Pelosi did not speculate on the outcome of the talks with the military chief if the cabinet declares him incompetent or the president resigns with a few more days to go. His presidency.

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