The Public Prosecutor’s Office formally accuses René Figueroa of money laundering and embezzlement | News from El Salvador

The Public Prosecutor’s Office formally accuses René Figueroa of money laundering and embezzlement |  News from El Salvador

The former minister is accused of receiving $ 3,757,000 from the ex-president’s accounts, but that it comes from money taken from state accounts. Figueroa’s wife is also involved in receiving illegal funds in excess of $ 100,000.

The former Secretary of Security in the SACA administration, René Figueroa, has been officially accused of committing money laundering and embezzlement (misappropriation of public funds). The indictment includes the wife of former official Cecilia Coronada Alvarenga de Figueroa.

The Prosecutor’s Office accuses Figueroa of receiving $ 3,757,000 from Radiodifusión de El Salvador, SA DE CV and from the personal account of former President Elias Antonio Saca.

For her part, Figueroa’s wife had received $ 4,000 from Radiodifusión de El Salvador SA de CV and Nueva Orleans SA de CV; But he would also have received $ 100,000 from account 0025-10021923 in the name of Sociedad Radiodifusión de El Salvador SA, de CV.

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The accusation against Figueroa and his wife stems from a financial investigation that concluded that from the SACA government’s public treasury sub-institutional accounts, these accounts were stolen and earmarked for the former president’s personal and corporate accounts, including Radiodifusión de El Salvador SA de CV.

Saka and several of his senior officials were convicted in 2018 of stealing $ 301 million from the state through the accounts of the Presidency. The former president confessed to theft and paid a 10-year prison sentence in Mariona Prison.

With the former governor, they are serving minor penalties for their connection to the case: Cesar Funes (ex-president of ANDA), Elmer Charlecks (former private secretary) and Julio Rank, who died last year while completing his sentence at his home, because he benefited from his health and because he had already served a third of his sentence .

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Figueroa, a follower and partner of Saka, said he voluntarily surrendered to the authorities and pleaded not guilty. However, proceedings continued against him and many properties, including residences, were seized, as well as freezing of bank accounts.
Until now the wife is treated freely.

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