Peru knowing: INICTEL-UNI will present three technological development projects | News

Peru knowing: INICTEL-UNI will present three technological development projects |  News

Presenting three technological development projects that will directly benefit productive activities in the country, the National Institute for Communication Research and Training of the National University of Engineering (INICTEL-UNI) will participate in the virtual exhibition Peru with Science, organized by the National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (Concytec).

Learn about these projects:

1. Lab on a Chip It is a numerical modeling of micro-manufacturing, which includes the development of production studies for the first microfluidic devices manufactured in the country, which have the advantage of fast, portable and high sensitivity analyzes.

Due to its characteristics, it will be easier to transport it to remote areas for the analysis of materials in sectors such as health, environment, agriculture, livestock and mining.

2. Development of a computational tool to assess nutritional and water status hass avocado farms, From the optical and thermal profiles of the crop, using multispectral atmospheric image processing algorithms and artificial intelligence.

The project consists of developing technology to carry out, by aerial observation, the recording and post-processing of images of Hass avocado plantations, from which information will be generated that will allow producers to take corrective action against potential diseases or pests and improve them. Efficiency in water, fertilizer and nutrient dosing; For the purpose of increasing crop yields and rationalizing the use of water resources.

3. Internet of Things (IoT) platform For Universities, an initiative jointly developed by the Research and Training Directorates in order to provide a software solution for collecting and visualizing data from IoT projects, and use that can be expanded for training and service delivery to organizations or companies.

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The first two projects are implemented in partnership with the Universities of São Paulo and Trujillo (Lan-on-a-chip), the National Institute of Agricultural Research and the National University of Engineering (Haas Avocado Monitoring) and are funded by the National Fund. Scientific and Technological Development and Technological Innovation (Fondecyt). While the third is done with the budget of the private institution.

Peru with Science Fair

INICTEL-UNI will be located in Hall 03, Stand 16, of the Virtual Exhibition Peru with the flag.

This science fair, considered the largest and most important in Peru, has been held annually since 2013 within the framework of the Week of Science and Technology. This year it will be held in virtual mode for the second year in a row and will present the projects and innovations that have been developed in the country in recent years.

Publication date: 11/5/2021

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