Phoenix Sons’ Chris Paul Milwaukee vows to ‘watch the ball’ after costly breakthroughs at the loss of Game 4

Phoenix Sons’ Chris Paul Milwaukee vows to ‘watch the ball’ after costly breakthroughs at the loss of Game 4

Milwaukee – The ball was in the hands of their senior leader, and the Phoenix Suns tried to get a win in the final minutes of Game 4 of the NBA Finals, not once, but twice, Chris Paul He turned the ball over late on Wednesday, losing 109-103 to Milwaukee Bucks.

Unforced errors led to a pair of Milwaukee two touchdowns, with the Suns leading by one point with 3:40 and the Bucks raising their lead to four with 27.2 seconds to play, and the Bucks outraged. 2-2 for the series.

Commenting on why the Phoenix had 17 turning points as a team compared to just five for Milwaukee, Paul said, “This is me.” “I had five of them. It was a bad decision.”

The Suns surpassed the Bucks by 51.3% to 40.2% in shooting percentage, but had 19 fewer shot attempts than the turnover and all the offensive attacks they delivered to Milwaukee. Bucks’ 17 attack boards led to 19 second chance points.

“They got a significant number of shots more than us, so I have to do a better job of defending the ball,” Paul continued. “We had 17 turning points and we threw the ball well without those chances to score.”

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It was Paul’s worst playoff game since the first round when he played with a sore shoulder against the Los Angeles Lakers. Beyond earnings, he had just 10 points from 13 shots and 5 assists in 5 assists, which was his lowest average of 19.2 points and 8.7 this post-season.

“Turnovers crushed us tonight,” Sons coach Monty Williams said of his team’s mistakes. “When you have that kind of advantage in the fourth division, if you can catch the ball and get good possessions, you think you can at least keep it there … we had a lot of self-harm tonight.”

Then there were the things that affected the game with the whistle of the referees, which is becoming a theme in this tournament.

One great reason why the Suns hit more than 50% of their shots is because of the awesome gameplay Devin Booker He scored 42 points in 17 of 28 shots.

As cool as he could see, he made five fouls, controlled his playing time in the fourth quarter, was called in for the sixth and was disqualified around 3:40. Giannis Antetoga ounpo Paul scored the first goal in two defeats that came late to reduce the Suns’ lead to one point.

After Paul stumbled Jur holiday He ran to the other end with the ball, chasing Booker Holiday and flipping him over. The box score was credited to Booker for a batch over the holidays, which was cleared with a dismissal by Antodocoun. However, refereeing team chairman James Capers told a reporter after the game that Booker must have misquoted the play.

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“During the live game, I saw a clean block from the ball and thought there was no whistle,” Capers said. “However, after watching the remake, I realize I didn’t see Booker’s right hand around Holiday’s waist, it must have been the play’s defensive mistake.”

Bucks won after a call off during the holidays and scored an Antonio ounpo, so there was no damage in that mistake. Although Williams wonders what could have happened to Booker if he had not been charged for the fifth foul at the start of the fourth quarter PJ Tucker.

“It’s tough because he could have scored more than 50 tonight,” Williams told Booker about the decision to keep the bench from trying to avoid the sixth mistake from 10:50 points in the fourth division to 5:55. “You try to get as solid stops and possessions as possible. [en ofensiva]But that is not a great situation. “

When Booker came out, the Suns were leading by six. When he returned, they won three. So they stood on their ground without him. Those last few minutes really knocked Phoenix down.

“These are finals,” he said. Cameron Johnson When the Bucks asked if the finish was a shock after Phoenix led 37:55 in the first 44 minutes of the game before their final push. “These are the finals. You will not leave anything easy. You will not win without a problem. I hope they will say the same thing. This is three more games, you know. Three more. You have to get two. From them.”

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“But there is no such thing here [un triunfo cómodo]. The more stocks, the more stocks. They know they are in danger. We know we are in danger. We come here with a score of 2-0. You know what they are talking about in the locker room. Now you know what we are going to talk about in our dressing room. “

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