Pique’s friends think he and everyone else are Clara Xia “dolls” and Shakira is “courageous”

Pique’s friends think he and everyone else are Clara Xia “dolls” and Shakira is “courageous”

Two of Gerard Pique’s friends have just confirmed what he kissed already publicly: that he’s a “doll” for his girlfriend, Clara Xia Marty.

On February 10, the athlete made this confession, which caused a stir on social media, during the broadcast of the “Chup Chup Kings” show.

Pique’s friends spoke this way about Clara Xia and Shakira

On March 29, eBay Llanos and Sergio El Con Agüero, close friends of Pique, confirmed that not only is he a puppet of the 23-year-old, but that they too.

The statements came after the “influencers” analyzed the “selfie” image that Shakira posted on her social networking sites, which she attached to the word “chiaoscuro”, which links her to Gerrard’s partner.

As you say Clara is dark, [que está] plotting something. […] She is brave and gorgeous! El Kun confirmed during a “live broadcast” on Twitch.

Even eBay reported that the artist posted her “letter” after learning of referee Manuel Titus’ resignation from the League of Kings, set up by her ex-husband, and questioned his colleague if he thought it was Shea’s fault.

“for me [la cantante] He saw Titus’ tweet and that’s why he posted it. […] Aguero answered with a surprised nod.

“We’re Pique’s puppets, but he’s Clara’s puppet, and there’s a day when we go to where Gerrard is and he’s got strings too, and we notice he’s like us,” Janus added.

At this point in their conversation, they even speculated that the compiler of “I congratulate you” would be behind everything going on in her career.

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“In other words, we’re all Clara’s employees, it’s like the Squid Game,” Sergio explained. Or Shakira because [por eso] Ebay replied that he would have placed “chiaoscuro”.

The Universe did not understand what Streamer wanted to say to him, so he asked him: “Do you mean that Shakira is the boss there?”

“no. [Que Clara maneja] Everything we are at a very low step, because we are already puppets for Pique, and he is a puppet,” said Janos.

Shakira’s post that sparked all the controversy

On the night of March 29, Shakira posted a photo on her “feed” of the aforementioned social network in which she was seen staring into the camera.

She put “Chiaoscuro” as a description, which for dozens of people meant she was once again hinting at the love of the father of her children, Milan and Sasha.

This is the controversial image and message that Shakira posted with the word “Chiaroscuro”.

credit: Shakira / Instagram

However, many of his followers have pointed out in the comments that the star rather refers to the term referring to the painting technique which consists in the use of contrasts.


The courtship between Gerard Pique and Clara Xia Marty appears to be going from strength to strength amid Shakira’s “attacks”.


The singer launched powerful “arrows” against the couple with her latest single, “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”.

credit: Grosby Group

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Just two days later, the former Colombian player and his young girlfriend were caught watching a soccer match for Andorra during the Copa Catalunya final.

credit: Grosby Group


Pique and Clara Xia were in a box in the stadium while their other friends were in the public stands, according to the Europa Press chronicle.

credit: Grosby Group


At some point, the ex-football player and the girl, with whom Shakira was allegedly unfaithful, gave each other passionate kisses.

credit: Grosby Group

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However, on Saturday, February 18th, Socialité revealed an alleged disagreement between the couple just minutes before this passionate affair.

credit: Grosby Group


And the entertainment program confirmed that it was the businessman who would have been angry with her.

credit: Grosby Group


Presumably, the reason for the discontent was “one pimple”.

credit: Grosby Group

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“During the discussion, you could see how the player’s girlfriend had a pimple on his neck,” they explained in the Spanish presentation.

credit: Grosby Group


And “Socialité” confirmed that “these constant attempts” by Clara Chia did not make Pique “at all funny” and he ended up “angry” with her.

credit: Grosby Group

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In the end, Shakira’s ex-girlfriend managed to take advantage of him, according to a review of the show.

credit: Grosby Group


In addition, the evening was closed with a passionate kissing session before the eyes of the audience.

credit: Grosby Group


Shakira and Pique announced their separation in June 2022.

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On January 25, the former athlete posted his first photo next to Clara Chía on Instagram, showing the love that unites them.

credit: Gerard Pique / Instagram

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