Played Total Basketball: LUB 2021/2022

Played Total Basketball: LUB 2021/2022

Ahead of the much-anticipated Uruguay Basketball League, Total Basketball gives its opinion on who will be the champion, semi-finalist, relegation, team revelation, team disappointment, best national player, best under-23 player, best foreign player, best foreign player, best player foreign player. with the greatest progress.

Forecasts hero They were divided between Biguá and Aguada. The last champion scored 6 votes, the water carrier 4 votes, and the remaining 2 votes for Nacional.

Regarding the semi-finalists, Bigwa and Aguada again led with 12 votes each. Nacional scored 10, Peñarol 6, Olimpia 4, Goes 2 and with one vote appeared Defensor Sporting and Urunday Universitario.

Regarding Revelation team In the tournament, Urupán led by 5 votes. It was followed by Urunday Universitario with a score of 2, and was matched by one vote each: Olimpia, Goes, Hebraica Macabi, Malvín and Capitol.

On the other hand, the most voted Team disappointment Defensor Sporting had four votes, followed by Malvin and Nacional with 2, Olympia, European, Trouville and Capitol with one each.

The The best player at the national level LUB was a favourite, and Matthias Calvani was. The man from Artigue got 7 votes, followed by Leandro García Morales with 3 and Santiago Vidal with 2.

Category Most advanced player Very mixed reactions. Joaquín Dios has 3 votes, Santiago Fernandez 2, and 1 vote each appears: Mateo Giano, Martin Rojas, Juan Gallito, Sebastian Otonello, Agustin da Costa, Manuel Oinard and Ignacio Xavier.

Regarding best under 23 It was another category with clear dominance. Nicolas Pomoli got 10 votes, while Joaquín Dios and Nicolas Pereira got one.

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The best alien It was also stolen. What Donald Sims did last season was enough to garner 8 votes, while Quincy Miller, Marcus Mata, Victor Rudd and Deandre Leggins each received 1 vote.

How do best coach Diego Cal and Daniel Siwan dominated with three votes each, followed by Leonardo Zilbersstein with two votes. In one voice, Gerardo Gouri, Pablo Lopez, Marcelo Signorelli and German Fernandez remained

Finally, according to Básquet Total journalists, the declines are clear. Olivol Mundial got 11 votes, Capitol 8, Urupán 4 and Trouville scored 1 vote.

Look at each member’s votes:

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