PLD support, is crucial to the approval of the PC Trust Agreement

PLD support, is crucial to the approval of the PC Trust Agreement

The support of a large part of the members of the Parliament of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) in Parliament, an organization that promoted during Danilo Medina’s last presidential term Catalina PointIt was crucial for the government to obtain approval of the contract for Security The thermal power plant in that bicycle.

In the House of Representatives, the initiative received a total of 102 votes in favor of it; Of them, 64 votes were from the deputies of the official party, the Party of the Modern Revolution (PRM); 24, from the PLD, three, from the Popular Force and three from Quisqueyano’s Christian Democratic Party – the Cívico Renovador Party and the Social Democratic Institutional Bloc (PQDC-PCR-BIS).

Two MPs from the Social Reform Christian Party also supported its approval; Two from the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), two from the Alianza País (Alpaís) and two from Dominicans for Change (DxC) and the Broad Front (FA).

According to Law No. 35 of last January 6, corresponding to the meeting of the Permanent Authority for Financial Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt Parliament PLD deputy and member of the PLD political committee, Radamis Camacho, indicated that he did not participate in the previous meeting held by that delegation and requested a period of 10 to 15 minutes to make a “small call” to consult his party’s position on the contract Security. “I received the project from Security And I sent it to our political chiefs who are specialists in this field.”

Then, during the regular session on January 11, the two representatives of the PLD party, Lupe Nunez and Radamis Camacho, highlighted the importance of Security to manage Catalina Point. Núñez believes that through this decade Security It is known to be an efficient and profitable plant and contributes 784 megawatts to the electric power service in the country. you appreciate it Catalina Point Ranked by its designers, Sterling Consulting, as one of the top 10 of its kind in the world. He said, “The Dominican Liberation Party supports this initiative because, in addition, a law was proposed and approved within the framework of the efforts of the Democratic Liberation Party.”

Camacho said that “God puts things in their place” and that ” Security to Catalina Point It must serve us, politicians, no matter what flag we are…to always measure our steps and our expressions.”

The thermoelectric power plant was inaugurated on July 29, 2020 by President Danilo Medina with an expected initial investment of US$ 1.945 million.

They wanted to approve it before

head ParliamentAlfredo Pacheco, who participated in the last meeting of the Standing Committee on Finance, explained to colleagues that he was at that meeting to help clear any doubts about holding Security to manage Catalina Point So that it can be approved in the last regular legislature and prevent the executive from having to convene a new legislature or extend the current one. He explained that it was a very important issue and that the closure of the Legislative Council is approaching and that if it is approved in the Legislative Council that will start on February 27, the process of knowing that initiative can be extended until March.

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