Porters, passengers and airlines with expectations for Palmerola’s operability

Porters, passengers and airlines with expectations for Palmerola’s operability

Comayagua, Honduras.

Thousands of Hondurans and foreigners are waiting for the start Palmerola International Airport Which will be located in the central region of Honduras.

Along with the airport’s new headquarters, the air terminal represents opportunities, competitiveness, growth and immediate improvement of the economy, including tourism, according to the airport’s business champions as passengers, members of international airlines, porter associations and multiple service personnel, among others.

Representatives of international airlines emphasized the regional influence and influence that Palmerola will have since the start of its operations.

“This project will bring many benefits to the country in terms of operational safety, which will now be a priority, but it will also be of great benefit to the region, as it can become a liaison center with North and South America like Hassan.” Chester Salazar, representative of airlines in Ecuador.

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At the discretion of Salazar, and at reasonable costs, even tourism can benefit in Honduras. “With Palmerola as a call center, travelers can stay a few days to get to know the country and then continue to their destination,” he envisioned.

for this part, Gabriel VarelaOne of the big gains for the Palmerola project will be the flexibility of operations, an international representative for Copa Airlines said.

“Thanks to this project, better connectivity and convenient hours for customers have been created, which will also allow more access to Honduras and foreign travelers,” he said.

For air station workers, activation of Palmerola increases employment and the benefits will be for all.

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“The airport has good security conditions for the runway, buildings and other places,” Carlos said. “Everyone will have better opportunities on their flights and beyond.” Alberto Maldonado, Member of the Porters Association of Toncontin, Tegucigalpa Airport.

Maldonado, who has been in the air terminal business for several years, confirms that they are looking forward to starting operations in Palmerola, where there will also be excellent baggage service as they pin their hopes for growth.

Expectation grows

travelers like Elizabeth Flores The “best news of the year” called the early start of Palmerola operations and the first airlines announced they would be operating.

The launch of Palmerola Airport guarantees lower airfares, greater security for infrastructure, and jobs for hundreds of people.

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Palmerola International Airport authorities have clarified that employees currently working in Toncontin will be relocated to Palmerola and free private transportation will be provided for their daily transportation.

Another group of workers will work at the station TonContin. Currently, a ticket to the United States, from Toncontin, costs between $900 and $1,000, while with Spirit Airlines, the first low-cost line to announce that it will operate three destinations from Palmerola, costs come to $270, a $600-$700 reduction per ticket. the one.

“I will no longer have to fly to San Pedro Sula and El Salvador to travel at a lower cost, and now from Palmerola we will be able to do so at a more competitive value,” commented a passenger who was flying from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro. Sola due to the high costs of Toncontin.

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