Who will be at “La Casa de los Famosos”?

Who will be at “La Casa de los Famosos”?

You are ready to open doors celebrity house, the new reality show from Telemundo Which will appear on the screen next Tuesday 24 August at 7 pm / 6 pm.

Hector Sandarte And Jimena Gallego They will be the hosts of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, where 16 celebrities will live under one roof, cut off from the outside world and exposing their lives 24 hours a day, willing to do anything to crown the $200,000 winner.

Episode after episode viewers will be able to learn more about the human behind these famous characters.

Who are the confirmed celebrities?

world series star, Gabe Spanik, who said on her Instagram that she is very nervous and excited to be involved in this to watch, was the first confirmed star.

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Christian de la Campa He is a model and actor in successful productions such as “Tierra de Reyes” and “Santa Diabla”. The audience will discover unknown sides of this beloved who has experienced life’s trials, which will surely appear in ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’.

Celia LauraRecognized Effect and daughter Alex LoraThe famous leader of the Mexican rock band El Tri, has participated in many reality shows and is known for being a woman without filters.

Aurel del Toro He is an actor, television host, and musician who established himself by playing brothers Jose and Jaime Hernandez Esparza in the Telemundo series “Falsa Identidad”.

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Stephanie “Teffe” Valenzuela he is Effect From Peru with just over 2.8 million Followers on social media. In addition to this, she is a singer and dancer and started modeling when she was just four years old.

Christina Eustace She is a Mexican singer and businesswoman who became famous when she won the “Objective Fama” singing competition. Today, she has a line of beauty products.

Pablo Montero He is one of the greatest exponents of Mexican regional music who has successfully ventured as an actor in well-known television series. His career is supported by more than 14 music albums and 20 melodramas.

Roberto Romano He is a famous actor and fitness instructor who co-produced Telemundo originals such as “El Señor de los Cielos” and “Señora Acero”.

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Veronica Montes She is a talented actress who has appeared in many soap operas and series such as El Señor de los Cielos, where she gained popularity by bringing the character of La Condesa to life alongside. Rafael Amaya.

Gisela Abumrad She is a Mexican actress and comedian best known for appearing in productions such as “Corazón Valiente”, “Pasión Prohibida”, “Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso” and more recently “luck lolly”Where he gave life to the character of Rocks.

Christian Estrada that it Effect, a model and former football player participated in reality ‘The Bachelorette’. The 32-year-old celebrity, La Casa de los Famosos, will enter a very special moment in his life, as he is about to become a father with his girlfriend. verca.

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Kimberly Flores She is a model and dancer Fitness Trainer from Fitness Originally from Guatemala. She is the wife of a Mexican singer Edwin Mun, the leader of the band Trakalosa de Monterrey, who will take care of her young daughter while Flores gives everything to win.

Famous Peruvian actor Jorge Aravena He has an extensive career in the world of soap operas. Former Champion of motocross He participated in more than 25 successful melodramas, along with stars such as Silvia Navarro And Fernando Colunga.

Daniel Vargas that it Effect and Colombian digital content creator, with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram. At just 25 years old, this successful young man has gained popularity thanks to his funny videos, dance and music. lip sync and TikTok.

Anahi Izali She is an actress, model and Effect Originally from the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, who gained fame after participating in the sixth season of reality ‘Acapulco Shore.

Kelvin Renteria He was the last celebrity confirmed for the new reality show from Telemundo. ‘El vaquero’ competed in seasons 3 and 5 of ‘Exatlón United States’, and on Monday only August 23, we saw him face the boxer Jeff Centron In the men’s final of great competition.

The 28-year-old Mexican bullfighter and rugby player became runner-up at theExatlón EE.UU. 5‘, but this Tuesday, August 24, he will join a new adventure under the spotlight and come ready to give him everything.

Now that you know the participants of “La Casa de los Famosos” you can’t miss the premiere on Tuesday 24 August at 7 PM / 6 PM on Telemundo.

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