No one was left without an opinion on the Djokovic case

No one was left without an opinion on the Djokovic case

The “Djokovic affair” reached unexpected limits and spread over time, which, with a draw, directly affected the champions of the Australian Open. in a Media Day There were several tennis players who were consulted who did not avoid the “topic of the moment”.

Spanish Rafael Nadal, for example, explained that “no tennis player is above an event like the Australian Open”. In his press conference before the start of the tournament, which will be held on Monday.

Daniil Medvedev, the main contender for the first place in the world, admitted that he was interested in knowing all the information. For which Djokovic’s visa was revoked again: “I think if I have a valid exemption I can play the tournament. I’m curious to know the details needed to understand it. For me, that doesn’t change anything because if he ends up in the draw, I’ll face him in the final.” “Before there is a long way to go,” said the current finalist.

German Alexander Zverev said it was “not fair to come here and not be able to play the tournament” after his partner and friend were arrested again after his visa was revoked for the second time. He had a valid visa. it’s not like that? I doubt he traveled to try his luck without guarantees that he would be in the tournament. He’s a star, she said after finishing her morning workout, if it weren’t for him, all this drama wouldn’t have been created.”

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Alex de Minaur was one of the players who spoke against the Serbian and talked about the character of the number one player in the world: “I think winning 20 Grand Slams doesn’t make you act one way or the other off the court. Novak is a great athlete who has done amazing things in tennis. But at the end of the day you can have a completely different personality than what you look like on court. It has nothing to do with when you are outside of it. What he does is up to him and his judgment.”

Another Greek was Stefanos Tsitsipas who showed himself without much desire to speak but slipped by himself: “I’m not going to lie. In the last few weeks, Novak Djokovic has been the center of attention for his actions. He’s received a lot more attention and people are talking about him than tennis. It’s a shame that these things happen after two days. To start a Grand Slam tournament like the 2022 Australian Open.”

She even became a champion on the WTA circuit and Naomi Osaka is a loyal actress with her own voice and vote. “Honestly, I think my thoughts aren’t really important. I know one person’s opinion isn’t going to change anything, it’s just going to add more controversy. I think it’s an unfortunate situation. He’s a great player and he’s a great player. A little sad because some people remember it that way. But I also think it’s not up to us, the players, it’s up to the government how Australia deals with it.”

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Among the players who have given their opinion is Paula Padusa, the Sydney WTA champion. “It’s an issue no matter what you say, it’s going to be a headline. I understand both sides.”

Finally, a historical circuit reference such as Andy Murray was not far behind and also spoke about the situation of the Serb. “It’s not a good situation for anyone. It’s a pity that he ended up in this kind of situation, and who knows? I don’t know what the process is yet. I don’t know what path he’s taking, if that can be resumed, you know, how long it takes.” “.

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