President of Haiti: Police from that country took part in the crimes – the intelligence unit

President of Haiti: Police from that country took part in the crimes – the intelligence unit

Haitian officials have acknowledged that members of the Haitian police force were involved in the assassination of the president Joanel Moss, July 7. Many former Colombian soldiers insisted that influential officials allowed them to enter the president’s residence and that they were there before the arms order came.

But it was not until Tuesday that Haitian police chief Leon Charles revealed that three members of his organization had been identified. Bonnie Grogoyer, Clipton Hypolite y Dominic Gavin.

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The former military has provided vital information.

“The latter (Gavin) attended all the planning meetings for the assassination of the President. These meetings were organized. Renault Corvington, Which has already been captured, “said Charles.

He acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government, but said that “there was information that could be obtained after examining the occupiers’ statements.”

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture Three foreigners are suspected of financing the operation Against Moses.

“Three foreigners living in the United States were primarily involved in funding the assassination of the president. We ask that you help us find the FBI and other agencies that work with us,” Charles said.

I add: “It took a lot of money to run the operation, Infiltrate the police station, recruit these attackers, travel with them, and build houses. We try to go after the masterminds of the captured object. “

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Leon Charles

Leon Charles, Haitian police chief.

When many of the detained Colombian ex-soldiers arrived at Moss’ home, some local police officers insisted they were already there.

As revealed by EL TIEMPO, many of the detained Colombian ex-soldiers are insisting when they come to Moss’ house Some local police were already there.

In fact, they promised that the door to their apartment would be opened after a key member of the company called the guard.
So, No shooting exchange.

For some, the concern is that Haitian police will lead an investigation if members of the company are involved.

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