Prosecutors say it continues to dismantle the interconnected networks of corruption

Prosecutors say it continues to dismantle the interconnected networks of corruption

This Sunday, the Attorney General’s Office reported that the Public Prosecution Office is continuing its simultaneous investigations into multiple cases of administrative corruption, linked together through the participation of former officials who worked simultaneously in various organized crime networks devoted to defrauding the state and, therefore, for all taxpayers.

I mentioned that their investigative bodies hI found that in many cases there are strong links between the various corruption networks Who seeks to dismantle.

The Foundation appealed to a good understanding of the news media and interested citizens to know more details, because, subject to procedural restrictions, it will later detail its investigations.

He pointed out the need to protect their procedures to achieve the structure of solid files that facilitate the work of judges and achieve the citizen’s goal of punishing administrative corruption..

“As stipulated in Article 290 of the Code of Criminal Procedure: the preparatory procedure is not public to others. The Office of the Public Prosecutor stated in a statement,” The procedures can only be examined by the parties, directly or through their representatives. “

He stressed that he is working tirelessly in the investigation processes to recover the stolen assets from the state And prosecute those responsible for working in the corruption networks that were formed to disburse state funds, through criminal methods such as fraud, association for criminals, coalition of officials, falsification of public documents, and money laundering.

This statement was issued after a search of the home of the former governor of Idnorte, Julio Cesar Correa.

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