R.P. who visited Liverpool. Leipzig were punished and set foot in the Champions League quarterfinals! – Ten

R.P. who visited Liverpool.  Leipzig were punished and set foot in the Champions League quarterfinals!  – Ten

90 minutes: Adds three extra minutes referee:

90 minutes: Change at Liverpool, Salah leaves and Williams enters.

Min86: RP to reduce Liverpool advantage Leipzig did not clarify.

Minute 81: Yellow card for Jordan Henderson from Liverpool.

Min 73: Change in Leipzig, Campbell Left and Hee-chan.

Minute 71: Liverpool, Firmino and Diego double change on leave; Oxlade-Chamberlain and Shakiri enter.

Minute 68: Yellow card for cup from Liverpool.

Minute 65: R.P. Yellow card from Leipzig to Angelino.

64 minutes: R.P. Double change on the left by Leipzig, Mugiel and Hydra; Orban and Paulson enter.

Minute 58: Liverpool goal! Sadio Mane extends the lead after another defensive error. Senegal were alone to beat the match goalkeeper.

Sadio Mane defined his goal thus. Photo: AFP

Min53: Liverpool’s goal! Mohamed Salah scored the first goal of the match, taking advantage of a serious mistake made by captain Sabitzer who delivered the ball badly.

Minute 51: R.P. Yellow card from Leipzig to Christopher Nung.

Minute 47: Alison Becker! Brazilian goalkeeper R.P. Leipzig’s goal was saved by a cover against a chopped shot from Nkunku.

The plugin has started!

The end of the first half!

45 minutes: Adds extra minute referee for starting area.

Minute 43: Liverpool failed to straighten out, followed by R.P. Leipzig faces interference from defenders.

36 minutes: Is it valid? Firmino’s goal against Liverpool was canceled because the ball was already out.

Minute 31: How close! Andrew Robertson almost scored the first goal for Liverpool from midfield, with R.P. Leipzig took advantage of the fact that the goalkeeper came out to cut a pass.

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24 minutes: Above! Satio Mane headed from Firmino to a cross, but his shot went high.

20 minutes: Upamakano shows ability to prevent sala. Good fight between the new Bayern signature and Egypt.

Minute 14: Near Liverpool! Salah left the defense, he finished the body before the goalkeeper left, not to mention Firmino in the second play.

Salah had a clear chance, but could not define it before the goalkeeper exited. Photo: AFP

Minute 13: The game in the middle of the field is very controversial.

Minute 6: Two R.P. Yellow cards for Leipzig players, Amado Hydra and Nordi Mugiel.

Minute 5: Liverpool saved! Spanish link with Angelino’s Center and Olmo’s title.

Minute 1: R.P. who knows how to solve upamekano. Leipzig was almost in trouble to start.

¡Game launched!

1:55 pm: Teams go out on the court and start ethics before football.

1:45 p.m.: R.P. Leipzig sequence.

1:40 pm: Liverpool order.

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