Randy Orton surrenders to Bad Bunny: Thank you for not making fun of WWE

Randy Orton surrenders to Bad Bunny: Thank you for not making fun of WWE

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Show Bad Bunny as a wrestler at WrestleMania Many wrestling fans and crew left WWE, Who never expected to see the singer perform the keys that many in the locker room cannot perform and receive This amazing response from 25,000 fans Gifts.

Randy Orton Alaba is a bad bunny

In the current list WWE Regularly active, there is probably no greater legend than Randy Orton. He is known as a struggle man and rarely gets to know the work of his colleagues, Snake He dedicated one of the greatest compliments I’ve heard about the bad rabbit For his performance in the ring.

There have been countless celebrities who have tried to enter our world thinking that they can do it because it seems so easy, Because they believe there are no risks or hits in wrestling, however What I saw last night (Saturday) from Bad Bunny “It’s the first time I’ve been so struck by this,” Orton said.

Bad Bunny changed his calendar, halted everything to fulfill his dream, and risked his music career to reach the ring. I’ve seen him train non-stop with WWE coaches, up to five hours a day. I say today The Bad Bunny: “Thank you for the respect and appreciation for what we do, I regard you as my fellow stellar from now on.”It was amazing. “

“The bad bunny has never felt more popular.”

With 20 years in the main cast, he was Sahib RKO He got to know the Puerto Rican reggae player who had never asked for a different treatment or a celebrity, and who wanted to win his place in WrestleMania Make a quality show and not just take a place away from a professional by their name.

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“It gives me great pleasure to know that a famous and successful person in the world has everything, He enters the WWE field without feeling more than anyone elseWho broke his back from below for his desire to present a good presentation as a sign of respect for the company and for us. “

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