Ranked and the chances of the rest

Ranked and the chances of the rest

Longest ends NBA And the best will come. This week ends the regular phase of 82 matches For each of the 30 franchises divided into two conferences, there are teams already qualified, others have been eliminated and the rest are vying for their place in the playoffs.

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first He will analyze each conference, especially the teams that have Argentines in their ranks.

Eastern Conference

Miami (51-28), Boston (49-30), Milwaukee (48-30) and Philadelphia (48-30) have already earned their cut-off positions. As an unconfirmed fact: Miami has already won its division (Southeast) while Milwaukee (Central) is one win away from doing so. However, doing so does not give them any additional advantage, rather it depends on their position in the conference..

Despite DT Erik Spoelstra's feud with Jimmy Butler, Miami is a far cry from the East.

Despite DT Erik Spoelstra’s feud with Jimmy Butler, Miami is a far cry from the East.

With the Bucks in particular, the hope of those who want to support the Argentines for the title is reborn. As announced in the United States, Luca Vildossa He will qualify for the franchise in the playoffs due to an injury to point guard George Hill. So stay tuned for the defending champion and the arrival of the man from Mar del Plata.

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What immediately happens with the rest? Taking into account tonight’s matches on Tuesday, Chicago (45-33) secures the playoffs if he beats Milwaukee or if Cleveland loses (43-36) to Orlando (20-59).

Toronto (45-33) enters if they beat Atlanta (41-37) and lose Cleveland. Specifically, the Cavaliers Today they can get stuck in the Play-in if they lose and Toronto wins. finally, Atlanta It also stays in play-in if it loses.

Already removed: New York, Washington, Indiana, Detroit, and Orlando.

Eastern Conference arrangement

Western Conference

Phoenix (62-16) not only secured the playoffs, but the conference title and 1 in the regular stage. In other words, last season’s runner-up will be domestic in all the series he is in. They are following it and have already qualified: Memphis (55-23), Golden State (50-29) and Dallas (49-30).

Phoenix is ​​the best in the normal stage.

Phoenix is ​​the best in the normal stage.

The person with the most chances to be added to the previous group is Denver (47-32) Which enters if you beat Saint Anthony (33-45) and Minnesota (45-34) falls with Washington (34-44). The team that has Facundo Campazzo But they don’t (Will Barton, Mont Morris, Bryn Forbes, Bones Hyland and Davon Reed are the first options; the Argentine hasn’t seen minutes for four games, obviously looking for another destination) has a playoff destination.

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then continue Utah (46-32), which also counts on victory, for Memphis (55-23), and defeat of Minnesota. The Timberwolveswhere he plays Leandro Bolmarowho take them bit by bit, stay in the play-in if they lose and Denver and Utah win.

Campazzo rarely plays in Denver.

Campazzo rarely plays in Denver.

the eighth of the conference, Los Angeles Clippers (39-40) is already in Play-in. New Orleans (34-44) Guaranteed if Sacramento (29-50) or the Lakers (39-40) lose to Phoenix (62-16). Saint Anthony (33-45) also goes to play-in with a win over Denver and a loss for the Lakers. The Angelino They are eliminated if they lose and San Antonio wins.

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Without the possibilities are: SecretAnd the PortlandAnd the Oklahoma And the Houston.

Western Conference Arrangement

What is it playing at?

There was talk of playoffs and play. because? Two seasons ago, the ranking system changed to playoffs. Before that, the best eight from each conference went, and now six from each conference go straight (that is, 12). The rest is determined in Play-in.

This example is a playoff in which he plays Seventh vs. Eighth of every conference, being the winner who qualifies for the playoffs. Then the loser faces the winner of ninth vs. 10 degrees From the same conference, whoever wins gets the eighth ticket. The person with the best rank in the ordinary stage is always local.

This is how the qualifiers work today

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