Raoul Ariza needed medical help in the Hui forum

Raoul Ariza needed medical help in the Hui forum

The past few weeks have not been good for the beloved driver Today’s programAnd Raoul Arizah And much less on the weekend, because dear Negrito needed medical help in the middle of the forum, they said.

According to Dael Quiroz of Arguende Tv, Raul Ariza Herrera This past Saturday he was making recordings of Hoy’s Show for Holiday Dates, which generally broadcast previously recorded programs; However, he was unable to finish his work.

The journalist noted that Norma Herrera’s beloved son suffered from an anxiety crisis that made him feel very ill and therefore needed medical help and was taken to that area from Televisa.

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Share Dael that worry from Famous The driver and actor will derive what he has been up to with his voice in recent weeks, as it has become known that he has been in very intense pain and that he is sometimes hoarse.

This situation alarmed the Hoy program and they would bring a specialist to the forum who had conducted a nasopharyngeal study that confirmed that Raoul Ariza had severe inflammation in his airway.

Raoul Ariza needed medical help in the middle of the Hui Forum. Photo: Instagram.

The doctor pointed out that the inflammation can be caused by several factors, including infections, allergies, and others; However, this inflammation is what causes him to have serious problems when speaking, stressing that the driver needs anti-inflammatories and relaxes his voice, which suffers from excessive workloads.

Let’s remember that the voice of Raoul Ariza will be the most valuable working tool for him at this time, since in recent years he has worked more as a conductor than an actor and has had a large workload.

Last year alone, Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta’s partner was the host of Hoy, a multi-hour on-air program, participated in the telenovela La Desalmada, was in theater and in on-air members and in specials.

Dale Queiroz himself pointed out that the problem of Raoul Arizah It would be the same as Alex Ibarra’s disease, known as spasmodic dysphonia, which has no cure and ends up turning their voices away completely.

The journalist noted that in order to work, Ibara is injected with various substances that help him with pain and the ability to speak. However, every time you do this, you reduce the life of your voice, and unfortunately, this is essential to your television business.

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