Department of Health of Neuquén County

Department of Health of Neuquén County

It was as part of the Adolescent Comprehensive Health Teams meeting, where packages of environmental resources, counseling tools and friendly spaces were handed out.

This morning, in the Central Ministerial Administrative (CAM) auditorium, the Director-General of Primary Health Care, Soledad Soberon, along with references from the Comprehensive Adolescent Health Program, Paola Giraudo and Agustina Simonotti, presented 20 sets with resources and tools for Adolescent Holistic Health Teams. They contain informative graphic materials (manuals, books, flipcharts), posters and other items useful for developing activities for teens. On this occasion, the kits were handed over to the teams at Hospitals Heller, Plottier and Centenario; and health centers Parque Industrial, Villa María and San Lorenzo Sur.

It must be remembered that the health policies implemented in Neuquen County in recent years and, according to the 2019-2023 Regional Health Plan, understand the holistic health of adolescents as building psychophysical well-being that enables the development of the potential and benefits links in a model of care that goes beyond the traditional medical model and takes into account adolescents in a global way.

Health Minister Andrea Bevey emphasized the importance of the Comprehensive Adolescent Health Program and the work that has been done since then. In keeping with the primary goal of the boycott program, Bevey said, “It is important to continue working with adolescents to ensure their integrated health, in places where they find healthy opportunities for their divergent demands, and which strengthens and advances their rights.”

In this sense, groups integrate this model with useful elements and tools for teams, while preferring to provide a space for exchanging experiences and ideas about working during a pandemic, emerging issues in this period, and adapting strategies.

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“There is still a lot to do, but this encounter is important,” Soberon said, adding, “We want to highlight the teams’ commitment to supporting counseling spaces and the way they have been modified to ensure access to universal healthcare.”

For his part, Giraudo explained the purpose of each tool that the groups contain and noted that in the province “there are 33 integrated health-friendly places for adolescents who implement different devices.”

The 20 kits were submitted by the National Directorate of Adolescence and Youth of the nation’s Ministry of Health and each kit contains graphic information materials (guidelines, books, flipchart), posters, and other items useful for developing activities for adolescents.

Among the items it contains, the flip chart stands out for its many educational alternatives for working in different spaces of holistic adolescent health. Each paper allows to address a different topic related to the health of this age group, with different proposals, facilitating planning or use in different types of devices.

During the day, the kits were handed over to team representatives from Heller, Plottier and Centenario Hospitals; and health centers Parque Industrial, Villa María and San Lorenzo Sur.

On the other hand, virtual activities have been implemented and shipments are being sent to responders at other locations. Among these are Rincon de los Socis, Bota Rancoel, Loncubuy, Huenganco, Villa Bahuenía, Piedra del Aguila, Junin de los Andes, Zabala, Las Coloradas, Sinilosa, Caviaho and San Patricio del China.

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