Raul left the stage for a year due to a health problem

Raul left the stage for a year due to a health problem

In the summer of 2000, the clubs moved to the rhythm I dream about your mouthThe song that the singer has Raoul dreamed of going to Eurovision. He was one place away from making it happen – Serafin Al Zubairy did it hanging on a dream– But on the other hand, he achieved overwhelming success. At the age of 25, he had 11 platinum records, one diamond and one gold.

Raul had a wonderful experience in which he only lifted his feet off the ground He ended up billing him. Two years later, in 2002, he had to walk off the stage health problem.

“I did it for health. I’ve been non-stop for two and a half years, it’s been years of hard work, many trips, and hardly ever seen family and friends. NYou need to look back and realize what happened. During those years they told me you’re #1 and you don’t realize what that really means until you stop, look back and say to yourself, ‘You achieved all this, but at what cost? This episode of his life.

He did not need the help of specialists at that time, What the artist needed was to be with his family. “I needed to surround myself with good people, my family, my friends, even people from the media, from record companies, with whom I had already made a personal bond,” he recalls.

The phrase that put his feet on the ground

Raul never raised his feet off the ground, and his mother, who was very careful, never stopped warning him to be careful. The singer also told the show that it’s not like that luxury fridayHe had his own antidote to fame.

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“A year after appearing in this Eurovision pre-selection, I wrote myself in my diary: ‘Congratulations, you don’t have to change anything, keep fighting and fighting like you have done so far. ” This is the agenda I’ve had, a diary, for 21 years and I still keep and look at it every day. And I remember the things I did 20 years ago. It’s a treat,” says the singer who doesn’t consider himself a broken game, and who himself decided to move away from the front line to focus on his most personal projects.

He says that multinational companies do not support him as he pleases, but he is happy with his current career. He defends that “You don’t have to be at the top to have a great career like music” and this I always worked out of freedom Ability to negotiate contracts with all the record companies in which he worked.

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