Real Madrid loses to Bernabeu and clashes with Villarreal for the Spanish League

Real Madrid loses to Bernabeu and clashes with Villarreal for the Spanish League

Madrid Spain.

Unai Emery’s superb approach dried up on the way to beating Real Madrid records and only shot one Villarreal into the first active Thibaut Courtois and reduced the brightness of the tie (0-0). Chairman Spanish League.

From his failures at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, where Unai Emery was cursed, he scored only once in his career, and the coach learned the lessons he learned from his approach to reducing Real Madrid’s performance in his stadium. Villarreal loved the ball in beautiful tactical combat, reinforced by a commitment to pure midfielders, as well as the pressure exerted by Kapu and Cochlear as Danny Parejo’s teams and poorly executed pressure by Ancelotti’s men.

The white team is comfortable from the vertical and with less possession than their rival, it was difficult for them to put the duels in unbalanced gear. Rodrigo disappeared and Vinicius had difficulty dominating over Juan Foyt’s marking. Emery’s team saw Madrid’s weakness through the wings, with Nacho as the wild card on the left and Fedo Valverde in a strange right-back position. Tanzuma looked for him and his boots stretched the first risk a big downward to Kurtois.

Villarreal’s warning presented the leader with the first part of the tactical difficulty. Finding a small gap, precisely without Vinicius’ victory in Fassis, is a difficult encounter to grasp a reduced time in each possession, Benzema must create something from outside that area and Asencio must look for the right spot after his exhibition against Mallorca where he did not move his left foot .

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The truth is, the Emery team was in danger, Jeremy Pino’s betrayal on the right and another shot by Cortois saved for Paco Alcேசzar. In a traffic jam, Royal Madrid demanded a fine for a Nacho climb until it was overthrown by Raul Albi. His team was not working and Ancelotti was looking for solutions half the time. The center of the field shouted for reinforcement and selected Kamawinka with plenty of personality to change the face of the white team.

He reached it in minutes of high Madrid superiority, but without disturbing the rally. There were no shots on goal until the 82nd minute. Villarreal proved the reason for conceding their three goals in seven games. He defended himself fairly, but had no ambition to go into the game. He leaned over though not too tired.

Ancelotti’s tactical changes gave him more of the ball, but his scoring festival did not return. None of the eleven goals in two games. Vinicius’ efforts were in vain, Benzema did not get any balls and Asencio was diluted on the right wing. He was unsuccessful and returned to danger.

Eight minutes from Rully’s first intervention time, a header from Isco came to a header, and Nacho saved a poor ending fast, avoiding Pena’s heads in the last second against Cordois. Villarreal was the first team to learn how to disassemble Ancelotti’s team at the Bernabeu.

– Datasheet:

0 – Real Madrid: Cortis; Wolverte, Milito, Alaba, Nacho; Casemiro, Motric (danger, m.73), Marco Asencio (Isco, m81); Rodrigo (Camavinga, m.46), Vinicius and Benzema.

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0 – Villerial: ரூலி; Juan Foyt (Mario Caspar, m.86), Raul Albiol, Pav Torres, Alberto Moreno; Kapu, Gokulin (Moi Gomes, m.58), Danny Parejo, Jeremy Pino (Ruben Pena, m.

Referee: Jesus Kill Manzano. He advised Vinicius (40) for Real Madrid; And Coquin (55) and Moe Gomez (70) for Villerial.

Incidents: The seventh day of the Lalica Santander match was held in front of 23,895 spectators at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

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