Thomas Party: Michael Arretta criticizes injured Arsenal midfielder for leaving the field | Football News

Thomas Party: Michael Arretta criticizes injured Arsenal midfielder for leaving the field |  Football News

Michael Ortega has accused Thomas Party of failing to understand the gravity of the situation after leaving the injured field in the building of Tottenham’s crucial second goal in the north London derby on Sunday.

After Hung-Min Son’s shocking long-distance strike at Tottenham Hotspur gave the Spurs the lead, Arsenal suffered another break in the first half, leading the way as the injured party allowed Harry Kane to double out of midfield.

Orte tried to push the party back on the field before pushing Kane Spurs into an unbeaten lead, and the Gunners boss admitted it was wrong for his player to leave the pitch.

“Thomas is out, he’s active, he’s in pain, he needs to come out, we lost a man in that crucial change moment,” Arteta said. Sky Sports. “He has to fall to the ground.

“I liked him on the pitch and did what he could for the team in that situation. No one expected him to be in that position.”

Speaking at a post-match press conference, Artetta added: “I tried to push him back on the pitch and I don’t think he felt the gravity of the situation when he left his post.

“It may be because he was in so much pain. There is nothing we can do at this time to resolve it.”


Alex Scott and Graeme Sensens have been criticized for leaving Tottenham’s second goal in the 2-0 Premier League defeat to Arsenal.

Asked if he was frustrated or annoyed at the party’s exit, Arteau replied: “It was too quick, we were, I think playing the final ball was a four-three-three situation for us, we were there. .

“I did not talk to him. I do not know how it happened. If he feels too serious. I’ll see it, we ‘ll talk about it.”

Arteta: Goals are coming

Arsenal did not play well at Tottenham Hotspur, but rarely threatened Spurs, giving the region 44 league-high crosses throughout the game, but could not find the target.

That means the Gunners have won just one of their last seven Premier League appearances, while Arteta have come under a lot of pressure in the wake of Arsenal’s poor league start since 1981/82.

Salutations to Arsenal for Arsenal’s problems are easy: “By scoring goals, it’s very simple, we have to achieve goals, it’s not consistent.

“It doesn’t matter what we do in other fields if we don’t score, we have to put the ball in the net in a hurry. It looks like we need a lot to score a goal this time.

“In terms of performance, they did everything I asked them to. We played this game the way we played it. All the stats are in our favor. At the end of the day it’s about putting the ball in the back of the net.”

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Free to watch: Highlights of Tottenham’s win over Arsenal in the Premier League.

Jose salutes ‘world-class’ Kane and son

While Arsenal have had a bad start in almost 40 years, Jose Mourinho has been enjoying a great start to a Premier League season in the Tottenham years.

The season’s seventh win extended the unbeaten run in the league to 10 games, clearly moving two points above the table, again with son and Kane in front and center.

Son and Kane set up first-half strikes for each other, meaning they are now tied for 11 goals this season, meaning Cannes’ strike against the Gunners finished 11th, making it the highest-scoring player in North London derby history.

Goalscorer Harry Kane celebrates with his son Hyung-min
Harry Kane and Hyung-Min Son have teamed up for 11 goals in the Premier League this season.

“You know they are world class,” Mourinho said. “It’s very simple, but when we (Manchester) were playing against the city, after the game I was talking to the Portuguese boy (city defender Ruben) Dias.

“I told him, ‘You’ re not going to play a single match in a Premier League where the Strikers are not doing well. ‘This is the Premier League.

“But I have to admit that Harry and Sony are world-class players, and what they do is give them a good sense of the team.

“They are well aware of the balance they need and they also do incredible tactical work for the team when the team does not have the ball. So the best players, surprise.”


As Spurs beat Arsenal 2-0 in the Premier League, Jose Mourinho praised forward Harry Kane and Hyung-Min Son for their delivery.

Spurs title competitors?

After beating City on November 21 and a draw at Chelsea last week, the win boosts confidence that Spurs will be strong title contenders this season, even as Mourinho continues to underestimate his side chances.

“We could have lost everywhere in the Premier League, we could have gone to any team and lost, any team could have come here and beaten us,” he added.

“Of course in these last three matches, three or four points or six matches people can expect and lose one.

“We did seven (points). We did not concede a goal against individual teams. Of course we are in a good moment. The team is in a good place mentally, but nothing has changed.”

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