Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona: Susie Cortes beat Lionel Messi before El Clசிகsico

Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona: Susie Cortes beat Lionel Messi before El Clசிகsico

The Barcelona Soccer Club Measured this afternoon Real Madrid In Classic of La Liga, Spain, A match that marks the fate of both teams with a view to winning the title this season, so a loyal fan of Plugrana and the Argentine club Lionel Messi, Susie Cortes, He was not hot when Catalan persecuted the people.

Released a photo to acknowledge his support for the beautiful Brazilian team, this Saturday Leo Messi will command the search for three points that will bring the captain even closer Atletico de Madrid, The team they face in a month in La Liga, so they can beat them in that live fight.

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Susie, a true follower of Argentina’s Lionel Messi’s career, named him the Classic King of Spain, predicting that the Plugrana star would score three times against the triplet tonight, leading Barcelona to victory and the league title.

“Today is the day of Messi, the three-time classical king on the white team. Visca Barca and Vis Catalunya,” Cortes said.

It should be remembered that Argentina have a negative streak in the Classic, as he has not scored in the last six matches against Real Madrid, with Toulouse and Cule maintaining a positive balance, with 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats.

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