Regattas scored a sharp victory, still undefeated and is the only indicator

Regattas scored a sharp victory, still undefeated and is the only indicator

In the film’s finale, with a trilogy of Valentin Ingrata at the bell, Náutico beat Gimnasia as visitors 76th to 75th, adding his fifth win in the same number of presentations and remaining the sole leader of the CAB 1 Region division, disputed six dates. On Sunday, Dastugue Somisa will take on the first of two classics they will have to face. And then, on Friday, he will be a visitor to Belgrano.

The team, coaching staff, leaders and fans of Regatas are in awe at an unforgettable celebration in Rosario

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Regattas had a agonizing victory in Rosario against Gimnasia, and after six FBA dates, he was the sole captain of the CAB district division. In addition, Náutico will arrive unbeaten in Sunday’s duel at “La Ribera” against Somisa, the first of the two classics in a row he will have to face (he will visit Belgrano on Friday). Three times over Valentin Ingrata’s voice allowed him to celebrate the rigatas at a stunning finish. And after his opponent missed three out of four free throws, he had to settle the story. He’s missed two Mineiro (had a 5-7 so far) and later Chiana (record 2-3). He scored this, on the second try. With 5 seconds left to play, and with no Time Out for his order, Regatas substituted him under his edge through Andollo, Santiago Lopez dribbled and when it seemed like the ball was slipping away from him, the base guard almost magically handed it to Ingrata (even confused by Traglia who defended him). And the shooter, who would likely make such distant shots (in other circumstances, yes) and who in the attack before this definition made another diversion from a shorter distance, more than nine meters from the hoop, nailed a three-pointer which he celebrated to the point of nausea of ​​the regatta audience The great man who accompanied his team.

It was a close match from start to finish and practically no advantages were achieved, although after an unfavorable start it was Regattas who dominated the score for the longest time, reaching a difference of 11 (maximum, 39-28) .. in The second half they kept holding, until Regatas, in the middle of the last period, managed to get a light eight (67-59). There Jimnasia countered with a score of 9-0, winning by one lead two and a half minutes before the game was played. With this impulse, gymnastics came to the conclusion fully. But he forgave his opponent, and the maniac Regatas did not let the opportunity pass.

Ingrata was the great champion in this victory, ending the season with 11 points (1-2 in doubles and 3-7 in triples). He was the winners’ third scorer, behind Santiago Lopez, with 22 (6-12 in shots from the field and 6-9 in free shots) and Alejandro Mina, with 13 (4-8 in doubles and 5-6 in freestyle). ..

In yesterday’s remaining match, Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda (with 31 points from Juan Pablo Stegmayer) was eliminated after defeating Timberley (22 from Andres Otolini) in a foreign stronghold 96-82, which with this result was in last place. It is worth noting that on Wednesday at the beginning of the day Belgrano hit Atalaia and Sportmen to Provence. Somisa is rested this time, having been out of two crashes in a row and on Sunday he will try to recover from a Regattas team who will arrive and their spirits are through the roof.

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gymnastics 75

Regatta 76

Referees: L.Mazzoni-N. Marine

Partial: 20-24, 36-42,

Gymnastics (75): Iglesias 3, Traglia 14, Ettore 5 (x), M. Yanson 16, Meinero 17 (fi), Capra 2, Sáenz 5, Amigo 0, Chiana 11, Minzer 2. DT: Mariano Junco.

Regatta (76): López 22, Ingrata 11, P. Rodríguez 8, Repetti 3 (x), Mena 13 (fi), Andollo 9, Noguera 7, Lemme 0, N. Rodríguez 5, Lupinucci 0. DT: Pablo Dastugue.

Video of the mighty Ingrata Trio of Regattas’ victory over Gimnasia 76-75 in Rosario


Cabin partition area 1

equipment points. pjs GP s
boat racing 10 5 5 0
Belgrano 9 6 3 3
Control tower 9 6 3 3
rural 9 6 3 3
Somise 8 5 3 two
athletes 8 5 3 two
Gymnastics 7 5 two 3
Nautical 6 5 1 4
Temperley 6 5 1 4

next (seventh) date: Saturday: 7:30 PM: Atalaya-Provincial and 8:00 PM: Sportmen Unidos-Temperley; Sunday: 8:00 pm: Regatta – Somissa; Sunday 13: Nautical gymnastics. Free: Belgrano.

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