Rescuing a family and another woman in a hotel from actual kidnapping victims

Rescuing a family and another woman in a hotel from actual kidnapping victims

The Public Prosecutor’s Office carried out the rescue and subsequent protection of family members and a woman who were victims of actual kidnapping, in hotels in the city of Chihuahua.

One of the cases occurred on August 14 and the victims were three members of a family from Monterrey, whose public details had been deleted for security reasons.

According to their testimony, they received a phone call in which they intimidated them, identifying themselves as part of a gang or criminal organization and indicating that they were under surveillance and that they were checking their hotel because other people had been kidnapped.

On August 15, they received calls again from 812-437-15-59 demanding $25,000 for their release and no further harm.

As soon as it became known, the Chihuahua Kidnapping Crime Model Attention Unit, in joint work with the National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination, carried out an operation to search for and locate, locate and protect victims.

On the other hand, on August 15, a man, whose information was kept secret, turned to the prosecution to report that his 23-year-old wife had been kidnapped in this city and they demanded $300,000 (three hundred). thousand pesos 00/100 million) to release him and not cause him further harm.

The complainant stated that they were in this city for business reasons, but when they were staying in a hotel, they received a call in which they were intimidated, identifying the perpetrators as part of a cartel or criminal organization.

In light of this, the authorities called on the community not to put itself in a position of vulnerability and become victims of actual kidnapping, extortion or phone fraud.

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