The superpower coaches of the United States in the Basketball World Cup

The superpower coaches of the United States in the Basketball World Cup

Much has been speculated about the select team’s lack of international experience American basketball to represent United States in the Basketball World Cup. The 12 players selected are from ten different teams, but their main source of experience will come off the bench with the NBA champions.

Steve Kerr affiliate Golden State Warriors He is the technical director of the team. With the Miami Heat coach, Eric SpolstraAnd Tyrone Low, from the Los Angeles Clippers, have seven Larry O’Brien Awards to their credit. Joining Spoelstra and Lue will be Gonzaga University coach, Mark Fewas assistants. The coaching staff also includes former NBA coach, Jeff Van GundyAnd Jamal Moseley Orlando Magic, shooting coach England chip.

who are they, Spoelstra is a real celebrity in the Philippines, the venue for the FIBA ​​World Cup, where the Dream Team will play. The Heat is one of the most popular teams in the island nation. The coach’s mother, Elisa Celino, is originally from the municipality of San Pablo.

Lue was not considered one of the assistant coaches.. The Clippers coach has replaced Monty Williams, the new coordinator for the Detroit Bestos, as he has pulled out of USA Basketball to take care of family responsibilities.

Terminology is one of the things that changes the most with every coach. In an interview with News agencyLue announces that all of this makes work more fun and that everyone respects each other a lot.

“It’s kinda funny, you have so many different coaches and the terminology is different,” he told me. “Steve calls it “open,” Mark calls it “zoom in,” but it’s the same procedure. Sometimes we laugh, but when someone speaks, everyone listens. There is a lot of respect among everyone.”

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US basketball players love their coaches

For Indiana Pacers guard Terese Haliburton, being surrounded by great coaches motivates him to play better to earn their respect. In the NBA, his coach is Rick Carslele, who also managed to be a champion in the best basketball league in the world.

“I love being around great minds,” said Halliburton. News agency. “You can see how things change with them. I can see Spo (elstra) and Ty (Lue) doing defensive things and it’s like I’m seeing their brains. I’ve had great games against them, but I want to earn their respect here.“.

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