Residente slams J Balvin’s call for a boycott of the Latin Grammys

Residente slams J Balvin’s call for a boycott of the Latin Grammys

The confrontation between Residente and J Balvin is delicious. At least, the Puerto Rican rapper put spice on it and established the difference between fast food and gourmet in urban music and put a Colombian next to a hot dog cart.

J Balvin was angry with the Latin Academy of Music, which is responsible for selecting Grammy Latin nominees, because he understood that urbanites had been mistreated, who invited them to boycott by not attending the Las Vegas concert.

“The Grammys don’t appreciate us, but they need us. It’s my opinion and nothing against other genres because they deserve all the respect. But the trick is really boring. We give them ratings but they don’t give us respect,” J. Balvin said on Tuesday.

Confronting this comment, Residente attacked the Colombian, explaining that his musical suggestion is like a junk food that everyone loves but not necessarily gourmet or quality.

“It’s like a tight sausage cart And it will shrink because you can’t win a Michelin star, and don’t get me wrong Jose, everyone loves hot dogs,” he began by saying in a video posted on his social networks.

Then he added: “Let me explain, so that you understand: your music is like a sausage cart, Which many people, or almost everyone, might like. But when these people want to eat well, they go to a restaurant and it is this restaurant that earns Michelin stars.”

His recommendation: “So if you want to be nominated, you should stop making sausages and open a restaurant, or you can also make good sausages, good illegal bread; the point is that if you don’t have a pencil you have to load it twenty.”

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+ His defense of Grammy

René Pérez Joglar, Residente’s real name, defended the award by remembering that he has an extraordinary amount of Grammys: “To understand why Jose is missing out. If the Grammys don’t appreciate us, why do I have 31 Grammys. I’m not urban, no rap? What kind are you?” talking about it?”

Resident with Visitor (Eduardo Capra) and his group Cali 13 are the artists who have won the largest Latin Grammy in award history, both individually and by music group.

In about three minutes, Residente explained to him that you would “tell Myke Towers, which is probably his first nomination, not to go to the Grammys, because they’re going to get out of your pillows.”

The 27-year-old Towers was nominated in the “Best Urban Music Album” category for “Lyke Mike” and in the “Best Urban Song” and “Best Reggaeton Performance” categories for his song “Curiosity” alongside Jay Wheeler.

In addition to the horoscopes, Tangana, Rauw Alejandro, Akapellah, Nathy Peluso, Bad Bunny, Eladio Carrión, Ozuna, Karol G, Farruko, DJ Nelson, Jhay Cortez, Farina, Rafa Pabon, Youtuel, Beatriz Luengo are also reported to have been nominated for the Latin Grammy. .

On the same line it tells you that if there are patterns that are ‘not in any list’ They are “jazz, salsa, bossa nova from Brazil or flamenco”

The author of “Atrévete te” also rebukes Palvin for calling for a boycott in an edition dedicated to Panamanian Robin Blades, “the man who marked the history of Latin American music, the man who, unlike you, writes and feels his songs,” he adds afterward.

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No, how could he stop celebrating the career and social work of Panamanian singer-songwriter Robin Blades, said the resident, visibly annoyed, “In other words, you’re telling urban-type people to boycott the awards and not celebrate is the artistic life of Robin Blades, you bastard. Man. Mark the history of Latin American music, a man who, unlike you, writes and feels his songs.”

“If we complain about the Grammys, we have to complain about Premio Lo Nuestro, the Youth Awards, and Billboard. Imagine we’re going to complain all year!” , concludes his letter.

The response video, which has already been deleted from Resident’s Instagram profile, is still circulating on networks Thanks to the users who took it and who already added over a million views before it was pulled.

The debate among urbanites about the Latin Grammy has been going on since 2019. Even the #SinReggaetonNoHayLatinGrammys movement originated on social networks, started by Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee and replicated by other urban genre artists, including J Balvin.

In the video, Residente stated, “I would have believed you about the boycott if you were nominated 13 times last year, and you didn’t go to the Grammys, but there you didn’t ask for the boycott. I’m sure I had a change of clothes for each award, but as of the three nominations, I won Only one Grammy, and now the boycott is back.”

In addition to Residente, Cuban Yotuel also responded to Balvin in another video. “The genre didn’t start when you arrived, it was already there and we were already behind,” he told her, before reminding him that the genre had been promoted by artists like Tego Calderón, V Coci or his former band, Orishas.

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