Ricardo Pelaez Reveals Cordova’s Access Requirements; Let’s take a peek at the departure of Uriel Antona

Ricardo Pelaez Reveals Cordova’s Access Requirements;  Let’s take a peek at the departure of Uriel Antona

Ricardo PelayesSports Director Guadalajara Club I talked about employability Sebastian Cordova Despite being a component of the youth team from a strong contender, he made it clear that any footballer with the army’s desire and interest in Rogblanco’s team, and obviously of proven quality, has open doors to joining the team facing Final tournament 2022.

+ Chivas soccer stove heading into the 2022 MX League

At a press conference on Thursday, December 9, the leader Ribbano Sagrado did everything in his power to evade the Cordova case, However, he omitted details of the supposed transfer, but explained why the Mexican midfielder could join the Guadalajara squad: “About the negotiations we said nothing, I repeat that we are trying to build the best possible team, we are working hard.”

“Any Mexican player has potential, Who has strengths that improve our performance, but above all who wants to come to Chivas, It’s a choice, any Mexican player is a choice that wants to strengthen us,” he said. mentioned Pelays, Without naming names or making any judgment about the talent of the blue cream ingredient.

Pelayes hints at the departure of Uriel Antona

boss Chivas was also questioned about the departure of Aurel Antona, who was initially in the exchange cordova, But in the past hours, her transportation to the country’s capital has decreased, to the point that she is seeking a triangular procedure with Rayados or Santos for “Progo” to go to northern Mexico And another item arrives in America.

About, Pelayes admitted that Antona Not up to par in Guadalajara: “He is with the national team, he, Fernando Beltran and Luis Olivas. He has to understand that we have him and everyone and that everyone can get out like I said, We are all in this review. We’ll talk to him, he’s an important asset It is still his football and has important characteristics. His football will speak for him, obviously with the fans and he has to explode now, if he stays in the establishment and at this moment everyone can stay and everyone can leave.”

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About the final that Atlas will play against Lyon

This is a serious project, which he has headed since the presidency of Amaury Vergara. Core forces, we have steps, we need to trust what we do, in a responsible project and timely decision-making, We know what we want, where we want to go, and we realize that Atlas They have worked well and admit it, they have not really done great hires and done their job well and the people in Guadalajara are happy with Atlas, but in Chivas We’re getting a little closer to what we want with a serious project.”

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