Sci-fi series in the form of episodes

Sci-fi series in the form of episodes

The studio returns to the world of video games by adapting popular series within the genre to its traditional style.

Telltale has gone through some very mysterious times in its history, but that hasn’t stopped her ability to create and adapt stories stay alive. And while we’re still waiting for The Wolf Of Us 2, the studio doesn’t stop working hard on all kinds of projects. For this reason, he is now announcing The Expanse: A Telltale Series, an experiment inspired by the popular sci-fi series to enter the transverse shape Very characteristic of the developer.

Thus, we were able to see it in a trailer showing the drama and spatial aspects that were often seen in the series Extension, which already aired its final season on Amazon Prime. At the end of the day, it is said in the trailer that the game will follow the same line. The release date and platforms on which this adventure will debut remain known, but it leaves no doubt that Telltale is back in action again. with all his might.

This was one of the surprises Game Awards 2021Well, at a previous Geoff Keighley party we couldn’t really enjoy attending Telltale Games. From 3DJuegos we are covering the event live, so we will inform you of all the announcements made during this Famous Awards Ceremony.

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