Riccardo ‘N’ daughter defends herself from criticism because she is “smiling” at life

Riccardo ‘N’ daughter defends herself from criticism because she is “smiling” at life

After announcing the arrest of the actor Ricardo N. On charges of alleged sexual assault against his daughter, he was the legislator Sergio Mayer Who spoke to support the 15-year-old and her mother.

Garibaldi previously explained that Daughter of Ricardo N. He will hold a press conference last Monday, which was canceled due to the young woman He did not want to expose himself Before the media.

It was the same teen who I decided to break the silence With a live broadcast on Instagram, he came out with the intention of responding to his critics in order to continue his life on social media.

Daughter of actor Ricardo ‘N’ She comes out to respond to her detractors who criticize her for being active on social networks and with a big smile in the midst of the situation she is going through.

I am clearly not wellBut this week has been better, and that doesn’t mean that because I have a life (say) “Oh! … so he’s going through a bad time and he’s already living? Is he smiling?”Valeria Crespo explained.

Daughter of Ricardo Crespo's detention

It all arose after the young woman decided to participate in a live broadcast with some friends, which she ditched after only minutes of starting her post due to the negative comments she received.

On his Instagram profile he defended his right to show how he feels without having to explain to anyone. “ Not because I’m having a bad time doesn’t mean there will be (good) days, because Not all the time I will get depressed in bed, No. Don’t start by saying, “Why would you live if you were so sad while you were having a bad time? Why would you download a smiley story?” … there could be a lot of people experiencing depression in their bed without moving forward which is also understandable. I’m not like this”, Is detailed.

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The case against Ricardo ‘N’ continues his process At the Mexico City Public Prosecutor’s Office (FGJ-CDMX) for his potential involvement in the minor corruption aggravated crime.

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