Android 11 arrives on more Samsung Galaxy phones this month – the full list is here

Android 11 arrives on more Samsung Galaxy phones this month – the full list is here

Samsung is still busy upgrading its One UI 3.0 OS to more smartphones and tablets. The Android 11-based operating system brings a wide range of new features and upgrades to Galaxy phones, including a revamped look and improvements to the camera.

With flagship devices like the Galaxy S20 already updated to the new mobile OS, it’s now the turn of mid-range and cheaper phones to get the upgrade.

Samsung has confirmed that it will launch One UI 3.0 during the month of March for a range of phones including the Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy A51. The Galaxy Tab S7 also appears to be ready to get a boost with this software in the coming weeks as well.

Here is a complete list of Galaxy phones expected to have One UI 3.0 in March:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy M31

Samsung Galaxy M30S

Samsung Galaxy M21

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There’s no official word on when One UI 3.0 will be shown per device, but SamMobile has reported that some users are already seeing the changes. According to Samsung-centric, some Note 10 Lite owners in France have already started receiving One UI 3.0 in the past few days.

It’s easy to check if your device is ready for an upgrade. Just go to Settings> Software Update. Then check to see if One UI 3.0 is available. If it appears, select the update and click Download and Install.

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One thing to note is that if your phone is tied to a node from a network, things may take a little longer to show this because the software often needs to be tested by each carrier before rolling it out to customers.

Speaking of One UI 3.0, Dr TM Roh, Head of Mobile Communications, said: “The launch of One UI 3 is just the beginning of our commitment to providing the best possible mobile experiences for Galaxy customers by giving them access to the latest. Innovating the operating system, as soon as it becomes available.

“One UI 3 is an integral part of our mission to continually create new, innovative and intuitive experiences for our customers throughout the life cycle of their devices. So when you have a Galaxy device, you have the gateway to unimaginable new experiences for years to come.”

If you have a compatible device and are able to download the update, here are some new features.

First, you’ll notice a fresh new look on your screen Samsung Gas is designed to make things appear less cluttered and easier on the eyes. The Korean tech company believes this design upgrade in One UI 3 has been created to bring simplicity and elegance to the user experience.

Another change is new visual effects created to help owners focus on specific tasks. Redesigned widgets have been included to help the Home screen look more organized.

There’s even a change to when you lock the screen with redesigned tools that let you control music and see important information, like calendar events and routines, without having to scroll and unlock your device.

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Samsung has also included quick ways to see usage information that reveal exactly how much time you’ve spent in front of the screen. Other useful plugins include a new way to customize Quick Panel so you get the features you want where you want it.

Finally, there are some improvements to the camera with One UI 3 installed. The improved AI-based zoom for photos and the improved autofocus and auto exposure help you capture a great shot.

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