Rolin Rosendo is still in intensive care

Rolin Rosendo is still in intensive care

Luis Martimanager of sauce boat Rawlin Rosenda I mentioned that this Monday is correct sauce boat He is progressing satisfactorily and today he is awake in the Intensive Care Unit at Hospital Montvier Medical Center located in the Bronx, New York.

The translator of “Uno se cura”, among other successes, was promptly accepted last Friday after he submitted a clinical picture in which his life was endangered.

“Today, Monday, 12:19 PM, Roolin woke up. Thank God thank you for praying. He is awake and the doctor told us he is doing very well, and the development in 24 hours has been fantastic.” Luisín Martí commented through a voice note sent to Diario Libre, “He is still in intensive care.”

actor Rawlin Rosenda He stated that the doctor played the song “Ono Se Kura” and that the artist smiled when he heard it.

A blockage in one of his arteries caused Sonero to go to a hospital cardiac catheterization last week, however, a new procedure was pending to be performed on another date, but had to be admitted urgently due to complications that put his life at risk.

Last weekend Luisín Martí reported that doctors had looked at a surgery Open the heart when stable. Yesterday he underwent surgery On the neck for which no other details are known.

Rosendo was in an induced coma and on breathing.

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