Roman Abramovich left Chelsea due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Roman Abramovich left Chelsea due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The clash between Russia and Ukraine led to a change in Premier League club Chelsea, whose owner Roman Abramovich is no more.

Roman AbramovichThe owner of Chelsea has announced that he will leave the management of the team to the English team’s trust after the conflict between them. RussiaHis home country and Ukraine.

“During Chelsea FC’s almost 20 years of ownership, I have always seen my role as a defender for the club, ensuring that its mission today is to be as successful as possible, to build the future while at the same time playing positively. Participation in our communities. I have always made decisions with the best interest of the club. I am committed to these values. That is why today I present to the Trustees of the Foundation Chelsea Management and care Chelsea FCThe English team said in a statement.

In the speech, he points out that the movement is doing so to protect the interests of the Russians ChelseaThe feature that currently prioritizes him.

“I think they are currently in the best position to look after the interests of the club, the players, the staff and the fans.” From Abramovich Came ChelseaIn 2003, the Blues became prominent in English and European football because they only had one Premier League at the time and no Champions League on their showcase.

Already with AbramovichThe Blues have won five championships Premier LeagueIn addition to raising two ‘Orejonas’ in 2011/2012 and 2020/2021 they were able to achieve their first success. Club World Cup In the 2021 edition.

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Currently, Chelsea March in the third stage Premier League; In the Champions League, they are in the 16th round, which is a 2-0 win over Lille of France in the first leg, the match they will meet again on March 16.

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