Ronald Aguna Jr. will miss the entire prequel

Ronald Aguna Jr. will miss the entire prequel

Fort Myers, Fla. – The Atlanta Braves Outfielder, Ronald Aguna Jr.., Even if he is a designated hitter, he will not take action in spring training because he will miss at least the first month of the regular season.

After Atlanta’s 4-0 win over Minnesota on Tuesday, manager Brian Snitker said, “No. You will not see it in a spring game.”

Aguna Jr., who is recovering from a torn ACL in his right knee that suffered a hamstring injury last season, said at the start of spring training that he was ready for Game 1 of the World Series defending champions Braves on April 7. Rather than playing on the outfield, it was speculated that the world-designated hitter would provide a path for Aguna to return to the lineup sooner.

Instead, the Braves continue to take a cautious approach to Acuna’s rehabilitation process. Freddie Freeman He will sign as a free agent with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Snitker said there was no setback for Aguna, but “he’s more or less rehabilitated.”

Braves should have prepared the field plan without Acuna at the start of the season.

Atlanta contracted outfielders Eddie Rosario And Alex Dickerson In early spring.

Should also Marcel Hosuna Police say he was seen attacking his wife again with the group following his arrest on a felony charge last year. Ozuna can start in the left field or in DH.

If Acuña is forced to lose a long length, new depth will be important.

Snitker said the outfielder continues to make progress in his recovery, although he stands by his plan for Aguirre. The rehab program includes batting, but no other baseball activities.

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“He’s very good,” Snitker said. “… I think he did exactly what they were supposed to do.”

When the Braves opened camp on March 16, Aguna declared, “I am ready.” He is expected to eventually play on the right field Adam Dowell And William Herredia In the central field.

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