Spanish Team: Rafael Paul: Football, Science and Philosophy with Luis Enrique

Spanish Team: Rafael Paul: Football, Science and Philosophy with Luis Enrique

Rafael Paul (Campanet, 13-1-1987) is a number associated with coach Luis Enrique since Astori began his career on the bench. Much more than a physical coach, he is a reliable man whose role in the national team explodes at the gates of the World Cup after the departure of the technical team for the tournament. jess homes.

Rafael Paul He is the pupil of football, its preparation and the ways of making the best of the footballer. This is the path that I embodied in the book physical preparation? in soccer (Mexport, 2011, editorial by Robert Moreno). The start of work surprises. Ravel cites in the introduction to his work Albert EinsteinAnd the Edward Pontes oa return. In a paragraph he unifies Cartesian reflections of the seventeenth century in the way that Keita explains what Iniesta is on the field or Guardiola’s ideas.

The book is a comprehensive analysis of game situations and drills, from how he understands speed in football from speed of thought to the way training is planned. Through these more than 200 page reviews of characters instead of Mourinho and Lillo. Paul quotes current assistant to Guardiola A phrase from 2005 that fits into the current block game and complex jargon: “I laugh at the words many coaches use because they sound good. Football players are humans who play, and they have to discover their cultural ability to play. Tactical construction is not 4-4-2 with little darts” .

Raphael Paul’s talk

of ideas Mourinho He reflects a plan that fits perfectly with the one that Luis Enrique put into the selection: “I start by building a family, the team spirit is the beginning. Then comes the tactical organisation.” The coach’s messages have always gone like this, and what they experienced in the last European Championship can be better understood by the way Mourinho and Luis Enrique share their work, something that can be better understood through the documentary. group strength.

Rafael Paul It was introduced in a study in which soccer is related to biology, brain functioning, emotions, muscular responses, injuries or the importance of resistance. The work has something for everyone: for those looking for closer situations (such as the Iniesta target at Stamford Bridge) or for those who want to find references for deeper, more scientific studies.

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Those are ideas that have been applied for a long time Rafael Paul Beside Luis Enrique. Now a new phase begins in which their role in training, matches and coexistence grows. It’s another step in a career filled with coaching since graduating in Physical Activity and Sports Science at INEFC, specializing in football, from University of Barcelona (2010).

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