rumor | Submit MLS Registration Agency to Club America

rumor |  Submit MLS Registration Agency to Club America

Sunday 06 November 2022

The America Club It is in the reconstruction phase and there is talk that many of the elements that make up the team today that have not yielded results over the past few seasons could leave the team. This way they will look for new items that will allow the Coapa team to achieve the championship they are looking for.

One of the main problems they faced in the last moments was the lack of a goal and that was that one goal prevented them from keeping the pass to the final. This is why it was announced in recent days that it was one of the areas they would seek to promote, but needed to provide places to get untrained in Mexico.

Brando Vazquez to Club America?

However, the rumor was spread this Sunday by Fernando Esquivel that the azulcrema team was going to receive an offer from the agency representing the Mexican Brandon Vasquezwho currently plays for Cincinnati. Being a young man with great potential is what attracts him to the Eagles, as well as what he brings on the field.

The show should be a percentage sale in the future, considering that a Mexican American could have a huge impact if it made it to America. It is noteworthy that so far there has been no official approach, so there is a possibility that the player has also been shown on Chivas.

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