Russia and China set off alarm alerts in the United States with massive military exercises

Russia and China set off alarm alerts in the United States with massive military exercises

Moscow, Russia.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today that Russia and China Carrying out large joint military exercises her wings In the middle of August.

In maneuvers subscriber what a total 10 000 soldiersThe entity reported, citing the Russian news agency Interfax.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the 2021 Xibu (Interaction) exercises are scheduled to take place in Chinese territory in which they will participate Russian part Soldiers of the Eastern Military District.

The exercises will be carried out in polígono Qingtongxia Fromground forces subordinate Chinese armyIt is located in the Hui Autonomous Region of Ningxia, in the middle of the Asian country.

The Russian Defense Ministry indicated that “the exercises will include… fighter planes Artillery and armored vehicles. The maneuvers will be directed by a joint command of the military units of both countries.”

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The military entity indicated that these exercise Their goal is to deepen Russian-Chinese relations, strategic interdependence and force interaction, and increase military cooperation and friendship between the two countries Armed forces from both countries.

They also expressed a decision Russia and China Strengthening cooperation in combating terrorism and efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region. EFE

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