Saab case: storming the office of two prominent businessmen in Cape Verde

Saab case: storming the office of two prominent businessmen in Cape Verde

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It is about Fernando Gil Evora and Carlos Gomez AngusAnd the It was investigated by the authorities of that African country due to the supposed travel to Caracas to speak directly with Nicolas Maduro about the operation against the Colombian businessman Saab.

In the past hours, the Judicial Police of Cape Verde raided the offices of two important executives in the African country involved in the complex judicial process being carried out against the businessman from Barranquilla who was chosen as the main character of Nicolas Maduro, Alex Saab. They are Fernando Gil Evora and Carlos Gómez Angus, two men who in August 2020 traveled to Caracas as envoys of the Cape Verde government to meet Nicolas Maduro and talk about the Saab case.

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According to local media, computers, cell phones, and documents were seized. When the trip took place last August, that country’s government removed Gil Evora from the board of directors of the state-owned company, Emprofac. At that time, the authorities of the African country confirmed that the decision regarding the “immediate” dismissal of the Evora generation was issued unanimously “as a result of a violation of the duties inherent in the public official and deviation from the purpose of the functions.”

The government of that country immediately stated that the Cape Verde government did not send any person on any mission to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. ”As far as we know, the two businessmen arrived in the neighboring country on a special plane via the presidential hall. Dos Angus and Fernando Gil Alves Evora. The first is. The former director of tourism and transportation in Cape Verde and the second is a millionaire businessman in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Saab was arrested by Interpol agents on June 13, 2020, when his plane stopped for refueling at the island’s Amilcar Cabral International Airport. An arrest warrant was issued against him for committing money laundering crimes through Interpol from Washington. Sab, who was born in Barranquilla and of Lebanese descent, has been identified by the United States as the presumed front man for the Venezuelan president and linked to several companies, including the Group Grand Limited (GGL), accused of providing the Maduro regime with food in exchange for installments. Food for CLAP.

Washington also filed charges last July against Saab and its right-hand man Alvaro Enrique Boldo, whom it accuses of laundering up to $ 350 million for alleged fraud through Venezuela’s exchange control system. For Garzón, the torrent of dissenting news from SABB makes it difficult to identify the true origin of this circus operation, which is not due to corruption but to an alleged crime of conspiracy to launder assets; A crime that is more than suspect and may violate the principle of double criminality in Cape Verde. “

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