Sacks will no longer sell products made from animal skins

Sacks will no longer sell products made from animal skins

Saks Fifth Avenue joined a growing list of retail chains and brands like Macy’s, Versace and Prada on Wednesday that will stop using animal skins, in response to consumer feedback.

Saks Fifth Avenue said it will gradually stop using furs by the end of fiscal year 2022. This includes partner brand and specialty goods sold online and in stores. As part of the decision, Sachs will cancel the sale of products made from animals that were raised for their skin or those made from the skins of wild animals. The New York-based company said its sheep, goat, cattle, fluff, feather, leather and faux fur products will continue to be sold online and in stores.

Saks Fifth Avenue is also planning to close all of its fur salons by the end of fiscal year 2021.

“During the Saks Fifth Avenue experience, we assessed a number of factors when making decisions about our lineup, including customer preferences and societal changes,” said Tracy Margulies, chief marketing officer at Sachs, in a statement. “We realize that trends are constantly evolving and that the sale of fur remains a major social problem.”

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