Salma Al Maghribia (“The Phantom Princess”) reappears in Mykonos, taking a walk with her children

Salma Al Maghribia (“The Phantom Princess”) reappears in Mykonos, taking a walk with her children

Princess Lalla Salma reappeared this weekend on the island of Mykonos. video Local media published and spread on social networks, a picture of the ex-wife walking with her two children with the King of Morocco, Crown Prince Moulay and the Prince. Princess Lalla Khadijathrough the streets of the Greek island, where they apparently arrived accompanied by a large security detail alerting celebrity hunters stationed there for the summer season.

It was surprising that Lalla Salma appeared in public in a tourist location like this island. Since the news of her separation from King Mohammed VI became known in 2018, she has remained completely distant from public life, and has gradually fallen into oblivion.

Her public appearances in these years can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In 2019, the “ghost princess” (as she began to be called after her disappearance) was seen in New York enjoying a day of shopping with her children. That same year, she attended the opening of an exhibition in Rabat, but these sightings did not silence all the rumors stemming from the silence that the Moroccan royal family had imposed on her all this time.

So far, the last reliable information available about Princess Salma dates back to 2022, when the Moroccan weekly As-Sahifa reported that she celebrated her 44th birthday at the royal family's residence in Rabat, “where she resides almost permanently” with your daughter.

The Greek press claims that Lalla Salma bought a mansion on another Cyclades island, Kea, in 2017, which explains her presence this weekend in nearby Mykonos.

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