Santelli spoke about the crossings within his political space

Santelli spoke about the crossings within his political space

The national representative elected by the province of Buenos Aires, Diego Santelli, emphasized that the alliance “together since 2015 has been unified and working”, despite its “nuances” and “diversity”, when asked about differences in the political sphere after the legislative elections.

In radio statements, Santelli said the opposition group should continue to “grow and expand” and considered that crossing between the various references of the different lines that compose it is “a symptom of something we Argentines learn” that is to manage and form government coalitions. “It’s a learning coming from 2015 so far,” he said, because before that there were “more dominant parties.”

In another section of the interview, he stressed that “the nominations come for 2023,” while “2022” must “find all Argentines to solve the structural problems plaguing the country, or at least lay the foundations” to solve them.

Meanwhile, on the limits of integrating new characters, he emphasized that “the limits are disrespect and personalization of issues” and stressed that “society asks you to work, educate and export more” and that would be the agenda. This “must be put on the table for debate in Congress.”

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