São Donato Hospital introduces a new space for academic health studies

São Donato Hospital introduces a new space for academic health studies

The new room is also a tribute to the physician and professor Giraldo Doneda da Silva

São Donato Hospital provided a new environment for the teaching and learning process. In addition to providing better conditions for knowledge exchange, the new room is also a tribute to the physician and professor Dr. Giraldo Doneda da Silva. The area of ​​about 60 square meters is provided with air conditioning, new computers, in addition to a TV, lounge, bathrooms and internet access for the use of students and teachers of higher education in the field of health.

“Knowledge transfer is a noble work. I am delighted to be able to pass on so little of what I have learned throughout my career and am amazed at the honor I have received.“ Thank you all for perpetuating this legacy forever, ”said the honor. Giraldo holds a medical degree from UFSC since 1977, Majoring in Obstetrics and Gynecology, in addition to a Masters degree in Health Sciences, he is also Professor of Unesc and part of medical staff at São Donato Hospital since May 15, 1978. They are more than 40 years of dedication.

“People like Dr. Giraldo are an example. This is a necessary recognition to appreciate the work that every community service professional does,” says the hospital president. Valmore da Silva. “It is a hospital that, even with the challenges of these times, continues to look to the future,” praised the Academic Dean of Unesc. Indiara Renault Turretti.

According to the director of the administrative hospital, Julius Caesar de Luca, The investment in teaching and learning space keeps pace with the growth of the institution. A new housing has been put in place to serve academics, 10 new intensive care beds have been established this year, and as of 2021, a urology service is planned, as well as a diagnostic center.

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Amigo Del San Donato Hospital

The mayor also admitted the morning of the honor Morialdo Canto Gastaldon For work performed in a period of eight years. Received the Amigo painting from São Donato Hospital, an honor given to the Foundation’s most important partners. Hospital has always been a priority. Today it is a reference for clinical and technical staff, in community engagement and expression. “Board members and employees should be honored as friends of society,” said Morialdo.

Collaboration: Lucas Lemos / Inoova Comunicação

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