“Soul” is more than an adult animated movie

“Soul” is more than an adult animated movie

On Friday, December 25th, “The Soul” was premiered, exclusively for Disney + users, which although it is an animated movie, due to its content and depth, is the most thoughtful and introspective adult movie.

Pixar, as a film studio, has given public pieces a great value, since Toy Story in 1995, one of the most important films and the audience loved it, prompting them to produce the fourth part of this saga in 2019. With the emotional character that an animated movie requires, especially for those of us who They grew up with dolls.

Sometimes with productions that are a bit unremarkable, like “Brave,” a girl who doesn’t fit into the Disney Princess template because she doesn’t want to marry or style her hair, or “Coco,” a movie about losing a loved one, the latter able to move anyone .

But with “Spirit” (or Alma in Spanish), Pixar went even further. First, using existential arguments that delve deeper into the analysis of human existence: What do I do with my life? Did you make the best decisions? I miss something, but how do I know what it is? We all have doubts at some point in life.

This wonderful story focuses on Joe Gardner, a man with a passion for jazz and the journey he makes through the moments that have marked his life. The film’s synopsis quotes, the musician who has lost his passion for being removed from his body and must find his way again with the help of a childish spirit that learns about himself.

On his way, he meets 22, a spirit who refuses to live on Earth, but Gardner shows him some of life’s wonders and ends up learning many of them. Other characters, like Joe’s mother, press her son to choose a new job.

It is located in New York City with African American residents. It’s a cultural, musical, and above all, fun. Its manager Pete Docter was a major character in Pixar, and in 2001 he made his directorial debut with Monsters, Inc. In 2009, he directed “Up,” another touching movie, and more recently “Inside Out,” a film focused on emotions, which won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2015.

The mainstay of “soul” is jazz, piano and saxophone that takes us to those clubs where great history performers such as Louis Armstrong or Giuseppe Logan, for example. For the movie, John Baptiste wrote some original songs.

Another key point is the quality of details. In a scene while Joe plays the piano, you can see real and perfect hands with impeccable accuracy.

Pixar movies don’t go unnoticed, and the (always loyal) audience is eagerly awaiting their new releases. This is the first in studio history, which has not premiered in theaters, but is in broadcast, after its first showing scheduled for June 19, 2020 was postponed. For many it is the best movie of 2020, a movie you don’t want to see more than once. Just. The feature film leaves us with an open ending and many reflections. You were born to do something, but how do you know you’ve chosen the right thing?

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