Sara Sosa tried to divorce her parents to keep everything

Sara Sosa tried to divorce her parents to keep everything

The situation about Jose Jose’s inheritance seems far from over, because despite the recent reading of the singer’s will, his ex-wife mentioned, Anwar Nurina As their Global heirLegal representatives for Sarah Sousa The younger daughter of the singer wanted to reject the document.

To this situation, a new scandal is now added to Sarah, because in a meeting with the media, her brother is Jose Joel He commented that strong rumors had reached him that the young woman had tried to divorce her father and Sarah Salazar’s widow in order to preserve everything.

“There they say that as long as she saw a way to keep everything. Meanwhile, my father was here and took him away, so she saw a way to divorce them.”; He said in front of the cameras and microphones.

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Although this position isn’t something the singer is also aware of, he has revealed that they can Existing directoryBecause the recordings we provided to you some time ago, the lawyer confirmed that the singer He was a single man.

“In the filtered recording, where is Loretta, Marisol over there in Gallonio and everything, the actuary who appears says:” Jose Romulo Susa Ortiz, single. “Added.

On the other hand, “Bibi” supported the statements of his mother Anil, who confirmed that despite being the only beneficiary, neither Sarah’s daughter nor Sarah’s mother will be left helpless.

“We have said that from the start, it is not about annoying or annoying anyone. We are not looking to see what we have to do with them or what we do with them, but at this point and with a legal process of this kind, whatever needs to be done will be done.” with it “, is over.

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Sarita Sosa

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