Science has succeeded in spreading the pandemic, but not global solidarity: Ebrard

Science has succeeded in spreading the pandemic, but not global solidarity: Ebrard

“You have to take a lesson from this pandemic: Science has worked, but not international solidarity or a sense of justice. secretary from Foreign relations (SRE) Marcelo Ebrard.

In his speech to the Security Council meeting on “Maintenance of international peace and security: Defending pluralism and the international order centered around the United Nations”, Advisor Mexican He indicated that pandemic By covid that international peace and security is multidimensional and revealed various weak sides in multilateral organizations, which can affect peace, security and stability of states and the international community.

He called on the 14 members to take action so that the agency could assume a more decisive role.

Ebrard said, “Mexico calls for a comprehensive reform of the Security Council in order to make it more transparent and above all more democratic, to provide better accounts and modernize its working methods.”

He acknowledged that reforming the Security Council will take time, but adjustments are required to adapt to the new global reality, because the multilateral forums are an ideal space for building confidence through dialogue, respect and the inclusion of all parties in the resolution of crises and conflicts.

“While this reform, which is clearly not simple, arrives, there are procedures that must be evaluated in order for the council to become more transparent. Mexico has proposed, for example, to discuss messages in which the right to self-defense is invoked, in light of Article 51 of the Charter. HIM-HER-IT And in which the council does not appear to perform any action, even in the case of very serious matters, because it involves the use of force. “

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The Advisor He mentioned that th HIM-HER-ITThe Security Council, especially its Security Council, must be open to listening to the needs and aspirations of the people, and for people to be the focus of all its actions and decisions in practice.

“The multilateral forums are the ideal space to enhance confidence through dialogue, respect and inclusiveness. My country reiterates its call to keep greater channels of dialogue open with all actors within this council. And the involvement of all parties is essential in the resolution of crises and conflicts.”


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