Science reveals why you believe ghost stories

Science reveals why you believe ghost stories

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The Ouija game ended with a glass that moved on its own, a consultation with a very delicate medium or even a vision of a transparent ancestor at home. No need to believe walk together In the paranormal phenomena of attachment to one of these stories. In Spain, we are fans of supernatural stories Proof of this is the success of the historical program fourth millennium.

This program, which has already become a classic TV show in our country, has collected a total of 17 seasons. Started in 2005 to take the lead Millennium 3 – A program on Cadena SER also presented by Iker Jiménez – with the same paranormal theme and began broadcasting in 2002. fourth millennium It is one of the programs of the quattro series that has the most audience; About a million viewers in recent seasons.

Although you don’t have to be a devoted occult enthusiast to marvel at talking about conspiracies, spirits, and aliens late at night, there are many people in Spain who profess to believe in supernatural events. Indeed, there have been mass experiences in our country in recent decades that have prompted skeptics and believers to take a stand. Faces of Belmez, Visions of the Virgin Amparo Cuevas Or the shadows on the twelfth floor of the Windsor Building are some of them.

Previous studies

Puzzles like this are found in abundance in all countries, and for this reason, many scientists for decades have wanted to tackle what they really consider to be the basis of the puzzle: Why do people believe in paranormal phenomena? Although science does not have all the answers to the unknown in our reality, it considers that in its own way it can be explained at some point. Is there a difference then between the minds of skeptics and believers?

To achieve this goal, a group of researchers from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK conducted a meta-analysis of up to 71 studies on the relationship between paranormal belief and cognitive function. The study authors note that It has been almost 30 years since the last review of scientific studies of this type For this reason, they analyzed research conducted between the 1980s and 2020. Their work was published this Wednesday in a magazine PLUS ONE.

With regard to these studies analyzed, the researchers emphasized that they have good methodological quality and that they are improving over time. Anyway, they also criticized that there are areas that need improvement, among them two: the first is that they lack a discussion about their limitations and the second, They may not be represented in the general communitybecause most of them were done at college student gatherings.

intuitive style

These studies have linked belief in paranormal phenomena with cognitive functions such as Thinking ability, thinking style and memory. In most studies, it has been shown that paranormal believers have different cognitive functions than those who are not, and even have deficits in them. These researchers say that a strong correlation has been found between the intuitive thinking style and belief in this type of supernatural phenomenon.

In any case, they point out that there is no definitive cognitive job profile for these believers. Four decades of research point to this belief in the paranormal Associated with the degree of cognitive flexibility and fluid intelligence; However, methodological improvements are required in future research to improve our understanding of the relationship,” the authors wrote.

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The researchers encourage further studies on this topic to relate these beliefs to a general difference in perception. In conclusion, scholars have found the most distinguishing feature in the intuitive method of believers. This means that people who believe in paranormal phenomena have More reliance on your instincts and impressions than on observational data.

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