Mental health: they will open space for adaptation between attention and user output | NewsNet

Mental health: they will open space for adaptation between attention and user output |  NewsNet

Río Negro, a pioneer in mental health law, has made significant progress in opening the first home for social reintegration for people with mental illness.

The Ministry of Human Development and Solidarity Formulation coordinated a meeting that allowed further progress in the implementation of the first collective outpatient treatment device for mentally ill persons as part of its participation in the working table of the Rio Black Ombudsman,

The Director of Mental Health, Society and Addiction, Elizabeth Pogliolo, was present with her team, the first trial to be conducted in Rio Negro.

He is considering opening many spaces and wide coverage to ensure that the outsiders have a place in good conditions in which they can live, while they go through the process of their social reintegration.

The Secretary for Accompaniment and Social Protection, Monica Laranaga, explained that procedures have been outlined for the imminent opening of the house, which will house about 16 people at the Pohlman Trabandt Foundation, in Allen.

“The task that brings us together is to provide a complex solution to a complex case as well, and the whole process takes place very positively and harmoniously, which indicates that in a very short time, those waiting to be discharged will have a home where you live and receive proper care,” the official explained.

In the same sense, he emphasized, “These are homes, not places of intervention, where they can work effectively on their reintegration into society.”

This is the first experience, 30 years after the Mental Health Act has been in effect, and it has active participation from Allen Municipality and local organizations.

“We have promised ourselves that, during this week, we will adjust the terms of the specific work and when that happens, the Ministers and the Ombudsman’s office will finalize the details and give the final formalities, but we are now in a position to start working,” Larrañaga declared.

Likewise, he noted that “it is the first strong experiment and there are high expectations that, according to the first results, it will be replicated in other regions of Rio Negro.”

Within the treatment services offered by Río Negro are Casas de Medio Camino and a productive farm in the agricultural colony of the Lower Valley.

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