sea ​​lake? small clock | basketball total

sea ​​lake?  small clock |  basketball total

Lagomar had a very good start, being strong at the back and working the match from there. Combined with his defensive position, the green managed almost always to run the field during the first minutes, against Sayago who, during the first four minutes, was literally unable to release the hoop. Those from the north’s offensive start was pretty weak, but after opening the edge they matched the actions to the point where he was the first kid to win by 2, 16-14. Joaquin Jones and Brian Silva’s bombshells were essential.

The game continues as is. Losses are everywhere and reading errors are on the part of both. Within this chaos, Joaquín Jones not only felt comfortable, but was the best player on the field due to the scandal. When the former Biguá striker took center stage in the game, Lagomar increased his defensive tone towards him, even with square 1 where Rodrigo Cardozo was at his reference. This caused Riauka to start hurting his sphere of influence: the bass. Sayago went on to win the first inning by a narrow margin, 36-33.

Already in the sequel the game continued to be even, but once again found favorable situations to be able to run the field, Newsome was important during this passage, but entering both Cardozo and Bruni, defensively essential for Lagomar to return to mastering the game.

And in the most complex moments of the night, the bombs appeared, both from Bruni (x2) and Amaral so that Lagomar, with three minutes left, opened with a nine-minute lead. Total madness. But, but … Costa’s fouls had a lot of fouls and Sayago responded and with a partial score 7-0, quickly put up two units, with 46 seconds to play. and after that? The most metro in history. Trouble between hours, wait, seconds more, seconds less. Punnett could hook him up but he missed. In short, Lagomar stayed with the win in the numbers 64-62.

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