The trial that will determine the punishment for a former basketball teacher at Rocca is dated

The trial that will determine the punishment for a former basketball teacher at Rocca is dated

What penalty will be imposed on the basketball player and former coach of Deportivo Roca, Guido Gadagniotto? This is the only definition left from the judicial process followed by the Rockins athlete, who took place in December of last year He was found responsible for the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl, Who was part of the women’s team at Entity Orange.

When the year 2020 was ending, and after the criminal trial in the Roca courts, Gadanyuto was found guilty. The imposition was expected to take place in February.

However, the unexpected departure of Judge Daniel Tobares (who quit his job after a complaint of sexual assault) served as an argument for the defense, on the grounds that It is not possible to perform this last stage of the process with a new member of the court. They indicated that it was a “clear violation of the defendants’ procedural guarantees,” and they requested a new trial because of it.

And so, after nearly two months, the process had many twists and turns, right up to the end This week, the Rock Court determined that the imposition of the punishment should be carried out as quickly as possible.

The central argument for the decision is that The new Criminal Procedure Law organizes trials in two phases. The first is the liability trial (where it is analyzed if the crime is present) and whether the accused is guilty. In the second, the extension of the penalty to be executed is discussed.

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The judges recently analyzing the situation realized that the second stage could be carried out with a new member of the court, without inconvenience.

Thus, after this decision, the judicial office decided that Cissura’s trial will begin on Monday May 31 at 9 am.

the case

Guido Gadagniotto was convicted in December of last year. The court found him responsible for “Sexual assault by exploiting the victim’s lack of sexual experience, which is exacerbated by its commission by the person in charge of education, which leads to serious harm to the victim’s mental health.”, Which is a crime that provides for a sentence of no less than 6 years in prison.

At trial, the complaint denounced that the player had undergone a very complex psychological process that forced her not only to quit her school activity but also to leave the city.

Both the victim and her companions testified before the judges who made up the court, which ultimately ended up claiming responsibility for Gadanyuto, who is now released.

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