Sergio Hernandez will exit in Tokyo 2021

Sergio Hernandez will exit in Tokyo 2021

Sergio Hernandez signed the new agreement to be on his fourth Olympic date with the Argentine basketball team and in a statement published by CAB, provided details about the preparation and analyzed the wonderful moment for his managers: “On the individual level, we are better than before in the World Cup.”

The Argentine Federation announced the resumption of the contractual relationship with Sergio Hernandez, who will coach the men’s national team during the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021. To reach my fourth game. Olímpico –NdeR: Three as DT main and second, in London 2012, as assistant – plus doing that with this special team which I feel is very close to my emotions. And secondly, I am very grateful to Kanzigas for allowing me to leave the contract to seize the opportunity of Zaragoza and now resume this role as president of the national team, “the 57-year-old coach of Bahia told CAB Press. “We are people who are committed to our word and what we agreed upon with Sergio at the time, we respect it.” Fabien Burrow, President of CAB, added after signing the agreement, that he is the undisputed leader of this team, and we are now in the process of looking together for the best possible outcome in Tokyo.

“It was already known that, to sign in the ACB League, I couldn’t get two contracts and that’s why I had to resign from the CAB membership. Now, it was already released in Spain, we resumed the dialogue and quickly agreed on what was on our minds, which would have continued until the Games. Olympic, “he told the coach of Bahian, who commented on the reason for his decision to cut the link with Zaragoza. . “I don’t have any health problems, but at that time many cases of COVID-19 were collected in my loved ones and I felt compelled to come back. These are times to be close, not far away and alone. What is the point of being healthy if others don’t have the same? Zaragoza Club?” Wow, showcased in the long term, both parties were happy, but I wasn’t strong enough to keep going and wanted to be as honest as possible. ”“ Now I’m calmer and really focused on Tokyo and getting ready, ”said Hernandez.

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Sergio is already on duty, watching all the players in the wallet and coordinating how it will be to preview Tokyo. “We are very close to the Olympics, but we are still waiting for what happens day in and day out, from the confirmation of the competition to how we prepare for the previous one, because the context changes or becomes complex every day during this second wave of the epidemic.” Uvega explained, “It was not like that. It was before that we can decide 100% of things. ”He also said that he“ is following the reality of players, from the NBA to the National League, across Japan and South America. I see them and talk to them. I also had meetings with Barcelona Football Club’s sporting director, Andres Pelosi, to outline and form the initial lists, “he said.

Regarding the moment of the pre-selected players, Hernandez described it as “much better than the present if we compare it to what it was almost two years ago, in the preview of the World Cup in China. This will generate, thank God, more difficulties for me to choose 12. We have personal facts. Better: Young people who confirmed their explosion, and others who are not young made a huge leap in quality, and some of them have definitely joined the world elite, and in Scola’s case, maintain his unique state of eternal youth. “

The coach has dedicated a paragraph to analyze our three NBA players. “Either way, this coincides with a quantum leap in the game. The three entrants have marched to the best league in the world along with an increasing level, when it does not always happen that way,” he said, without showing any concern about the calendar and the supposed little rest that could be For anyone to get it if they participate in the qualifiers. “One wants to be the ideal, to have enough activity and at the same time rest, but there is no such case. Starting with this rule, I think if you put it in the balance, it is always better for everyone to be heroes, to have them. So many minutes and great responsibilities, beyond the physical wear and tear this can cause. This is, at least, what any coach wants. I don’t think that indicates that you will be more tired. “

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Likewise, he made it clear that he and his coaching staff are always thinking about the different realities of the players. “Its predecessors are really tactical, not very materialistic, and you are considering recovery work, if needed. They have been this way for years, I would say all over the world. The marathons and the claim to that no longer exist, because of the calendar that players face in their clubs.” The main thing here is to get to Tokyo well and it is better to work with players who are tired but happy than working with others who do not put them in their teams … “, analyzed Ovija, who stated that the term of employment of the electors will be” one month from the time we meet. ” Until the day of the inaugural show in Tokyo. “

He added, perhaps under normal circumstances, it would be somewhat more comprehensive. “But we have to know that the league dates are late and the players need to rest and see their families. Fortunately, this team already has a lot of experience and we will have to do more than anything to regain the memory. We will definitely incorporate something new, conceptually, but in The identity of the game that we already have. It was not the same as before China, which had to integrate play, style. This team has a World Cup on top and a specific style that we respect, ”he continued.

Hernandez was calm because, in relation to the precedent, “there are very interesting calls that we see which we should take to make the best possible preparation because what happened in China, in addition to explaining it through the talent and quality of the team, was about the excellent preparation that we did, from the start.” In fact, preparations have been crucial in recent years. ”In this case, Sergio highlighted the US invitation to train in Las Vegas.“ He is the best host in the world because he offers you what he offers to his peers. Also, in this case, we will be playing friendly matches with Australia, Nigeria and maybe Spain. There is no better place or conditions better than the NBA gives you, “he closed.

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