The mother / pregnant woman is chained in front of the Public Health Department to her father’s bed

The mother / pregnant woman is chained in front of the Public Health Department to her father’s bed

The expert skincare brand celebrates Women’s Day in Paraguay by honoring 10 skincare professionals. On this occasion, Camila Casamada’s Bachelor of Clinical Psychology taught us about everyday mental health care.

To honor the Paraguayan woman of her day, Nivea employs 10 experts who use their talents in primary care areas. During the year 2020, from Covid-19, five vital areas have been revealed that need utmost attention, because what the epidemic has taught us is that we must take care of ourselves in a comprehensive manner.

These areas are: taking care of the body, caring for the mind, taking care of your pocket, taking care of the home, and caring for the environment. Clinical psychologist Camila Casamada points out: “If a person is healthy in mind and body, one changes himself first, then the other. I like to work so that this chain works from within, from the mind and the emotions.”

Camila has always been interested in changing facts since school. “Once I finished my degree in Psychology, I began to be present in the office, and entered into a complex world of individuals, turmoil, anguish, but also of healthy people who just wanted closer accompaniment, and developed tools appropriate for day-to-day. Today I also work with groups and societies. I believe that psychologists have an obligation towards everyone: children, men, women, groups and societies. ”

The picture is: Kindness.

Mental health: one of the pillars of comprehensive health

“We are living more and more at an accelerated pace, we want to be in control of everything and believe that we can handle everything, but it is not always that way and it is not bad. Part of mental health care is accepting that sometimes we need help, and that it is Sometimes we can’t do everything, and sometimes we have to stop to analyze what we’re feeling and how we should continue, “he explains.

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He adds that if we could all have the tools at our disposal to achieve this, “everyday life will become easier to conceive and we will be more consistent with what we need and do. Part of the essence of being human is the ability to think, express feelings and interact with others. When these abilities are weak, It affects not only the person, but the entire society. “

Free from our own thoughts

“The most important dream for me is to be more free every day, and I am no longer a slave to my thoughts, and we all are a little. My children grow up in an environment where freedom of thought and respect for others prevail, free from imposed ideas or insecurities. I think this dream requires much more effort. Of anything physical, and I work tirelessly to be able to set this example. “

In addition, he adds: “Gratitude is the primary value of enjoying life, along with its virtues and obstacles. We value the good, and we care for others. I feel fulfilled when people realize that they can; that if they dream, they change, improve, and transform.”

A message to all girls today, women of tomorrow

“They can learn that their emotional well-being always comes and will always be ahead, before anything else. Let them affirm their interests, desires and dreams, and strive to achieve them no matter how small. Let them listen to experiences. Let them listen to us. From generation to generation, we can also pass on it. Positive messages, and this is not always boring, just because it is often difficult to access or create links.

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Official site dedicated to comprehensive care

Nivea has created a website where its 10 experts share savings guides, good environmental practice tools, nutritional advice, advice on emotional and home balance, and practical body care exercises. All of these materials are available for free download at

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